Effective Habits That Would Help Your Child Succeed

Friday, December 1, 2017
Effective Habits That Would Help Your Child Succeed

In an international school in Manila, success comes in all forms. It could be in the form of having top academic performance, taking part in extra-curricular activities, or by simply learning a new life skill. Students definitely take their time in order to succeed in their own endeavors.

Admittedly, there will be moments when they may end up failing – it is part of growing up after all. As their parents, you play a great role in encouraging them to try and try again until they finally succeed.

To practice smart parenting, you could teach your children the following habits to help them become successful.



Wake up Early and Get Enough Sleep

According to studies, a good percentage of self-made millionaires wake up three hours before the start of their actual work schedule. Waking up early will give your child a good amount of time to finish some of his first tasks of the day, which helps him gain control of his own schedule, and make him more confident.

While waking up early should be a morning habit, it is equally important that your child gets enough sleep during the night. Successful people are known to get around 7 to 8 hours of sleep daily, which is the optimal amount of time to let your body rest. In short, sleeping not only replenishes energy, but it also improves your child’s memory skills, which helps develop his creative and critical thinking – both of which are essential factors that will aid your child to become successful.


Read a book daily

Reading books is one of the things successful people do as part of their daily habits to keep their creative juices flowing. In fact, they make it a goal to pick up a book every day and finish a list of a dozen or so books each year. These people know that reading also helps foster mastery of various subjects as well as helps cultivate lifelong learning.

As a parent, it is not only important to encourage your child to read. You must also show him that you, yourself, are reading. This is one sure way you could inspire him to start reading more materials. For a more immersive reading experience, you and your child could visit a library, where both of you could pick your own books to read for the afternoon. Afterwards, you could converse about what you have learned from your readings.


Keep Practicing: Hone your craft

“Practice makes perfect” is a well-known phrase to utter to encourage success. While there are no absolute perfect results, practice will surely help your child achieve his very best.

Much like success, practicing could take up many forms. If your children are having trouble with their math and science subjects, then you could urge them to keep reviewing their notes until they have a better comprehension of their lessons. Is your child musically-inclined? Try to have him rehearse his piece until he commits fewer mistakes.

Remember, practice is one habit your child could do to build not only his skill, but his character as well.


Stepping Out of the Comfort Zone

While your child is still young, it is best to let him try out new things. This can be anything that will take him out of his comfort zone, such as a new sport or a new board game.

Doing so will help him expand his skill set and knowledge. Plus, it will aid him to discover a new talent. For example, you can have your child taste a new fruit or dish for starters, or have him try a new sport like basketball or football for a change. Being young means having a lot of time to explore, experiment, and stepping out of their comfort zone as well as learning new things will turn those times into something fruitful.


Staying Away from Distractions

Focus is a key ingredient to success, as it helps drive your child to accomplish his goals and ambitions. Being focused also means having to eliminate all of the unnecessary distractions along the way. This can mean less time on their gadgets and devices, and more time on things that matter, such as studying, reading, and practicing. Distractions only get in the way of progress, which is why your child should have the habit of staying away from them as early as possible.


Taking Initiative

Being successful means that one must be able to make important decisions and take the lead. Initiative helps set your child apart by showing that he is confident in taking charge of accomplishing different kinds of tasks. For instance, if your child takes the lead in a very important game, then he could find the best solutions and opportunities to inspire his team to be victorious.

Taking initiative is one of the building blocks of success and is a habit that helps motivate your child to go further.


Key Takeaway

Being successful takes a great amount of time and effort to achieve, which is why it is best to start as early as possible. Learning these essential habits would foster a successful and determined mindset in your children, as well as help them excel in whatever they choose to do in the future.


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