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News and Updates

Everyday Kindness in Lower School

As part of Reedley International School’s vision to provide a bully-free environment to all the students, each department launches anti-bullying campaigns and programs every year. For school year 2017-2018, the Lower School Department has the Kindness Zone. This year-long Anti-Bullying Campaign was launched last September 29, 2017 at the Lee Kwan Yew Hall.

All Homeroom classes were given Kindness Zone posters to be reminded that Lower School is a kindness zone.

When asked what are they takeaways from the launch, Margaret Paz of LS2 Maple shared, “Always be kind and nice to other students. When we do this, they will also be kind to us.”

Abigail Suque of LS1 Orange recalled an experience where kindness was shown to her, “I should always share to others. One time, I had no food, and my friend shared her food with me.”

According to Natalie David of LS3 Plum, “Sometimes, we do not even know that we are being mean to others. One way to be kind is to help someone if they are hurt, even if they are not your friends. Just help them.”

The Lower School’s Kindness Zone is a year-long activity of the department to further promote kindness and the school’s stand against bullying.