A Guide to Parenting During a Pandemic

Thursday, September 24, 2020
worried father and daughter wearing face mask

Parenting during a pandemic can be challenging for both children and parents. Unprecedented circumstances have forced them to adapt to situations that they are both facing for the first time. Which is why it’s important that parents receive and subsequently provide reassurance to their children as a way of managing together the unintended effects of the pandemic. Continue reading to learn more.


Practice positive parenting

This pandemic is all about being more understanding of other people’s situations. Though your child may not explicitly tell you, they may also have worries about the situation they’re in, which they might not even be fully aware of. As such, it’s important for you to apply positive parenting techniques during this time.

For example, if they accidentally make a mistake, adopt a calmer and more understanding tone with your child. Offer them with feedback on what they should do next time to avoid the this from happening again.


Offer reassurance

You should also make it a habit to offer your child honesty and reassurance. This means trying to answer any questions they may have about the pandemic in a language that they can understand.

Children may be spending most of their time on mobile devices, especially now that it’s not safe to go outside. Due to this, they may become frequently exposed to distressing news related to COVID-19. Take this opportunity to let them know how they can keep themselves safe from the pandemic’s effects. Tell them that you’re doing everything you can to help keep them safe during this time.


Come up with a productive routine

Routines are a way of bringing some sense of normalcy back in a pandemic-stricken world. When both you and your child feel like you have a measure of control over everyday activities, then they may worry less about the pandemic, allowing them to channel their energy into more productive activities.

If your child is starting with their online classes, set a time frame that they can devote solely to their schoolwork. It’s also important to set aside time away from learning, where they can engage in hobbies like drawing, reading, exercising, or even playing an instrument. This is a great way for both you and your child to form a habit that may help in managing stress levels, and creating a healthy home environment.


Maintain your child’s health and well-being

Even prior to the pandemic, parents have always been focused on keeping their children safe and healthy. Apart from keeping your children aware about how they can protect themselves from the virus, make it a habit to promote a healthier lifestyle during this time.

Always remind your child to wash their hands thoroughly and maintain good hygiene. Your child will most likely do these things if they can see that you’re also practicing these safety measures. Be a good role model for your child by showing them how to properly take care of themselves. For example, when having meals, make sure that you prepare whole foods and take the right kind of vitamins and supplements to boost you and your child’s immunity during this pandemic.

Aside from biological needs, you should also encourage your child to maintain their social health. Allow them to interact with their friends online. You could also join them in their hobbies or even take a few moments to relax with them, to help them feel more secure.


Key Takeaway

When it comes to parenting during a pandemic, it’s important that parents adopt a more understanding approach in taking care of their children. Instead of constantly berating their children for simple mistakes, parents may instead offer more constructive and positive feedback. This may be due to the fact that children may be feeling more stressed during these times.

On top of these, parents should also do their best in reassuring and keeping their children healthy. With the right techniques, parents can easily make this unpredictable time a little bit more bearable for them and also for their children.


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