5 Tips to Keep Your Child Focused During Distance Learning

Thursday, September 17, 2020
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If you want to learn how to help your child focus during distance learning, it is important for you to understand that they may face some challenges in coping with the new school environment. The absence of a traditional classroom may make your child less focused during remote discussions with teachers. Likewise, the home may be peppered with distractions that may be preventing your child from doing their best during class. As a parent, you have to guide your child throughout these new learning circumstances. Here’s how you can help.


Eliminate distractions

A good tip for you would be to monitor your child from time to time. See if they’re actually paying attention in class and if they’re participating. You should also make sure that your child is free from distractions in the house, like loud noises, or any object that may divert their focus away from their online classes. Make sure they’re learning in a quiet and comfortable place with adequate lighting to boost their engagement.


Communicate with their teachers

Now may be the best time to communicate with your child’s teachers. This is one good way of understanding your child’s progress and performance in class. By knowing how your child is doing, you’ll be able to undertake the necessary steps to help your child cope better.

Your child’s teachers may be able to provide you with suggestions on how you can help your child make improvements in the subjects they are behind in, for example. Ask them questions about schoolwork struggles, or questions relating to your child’s behavior so that you can address them.


Provide time to help them

You might also be busy with remote working and sometimes, there may not be enough time for you to help your child. As such, whenever you can, you should spare a few minutes of your time helping out your child in their studies.

For example, when they have questions about homework or a certain lesson, approach them and see to it that you’re teaching your child in the best way that you can. Instead of giving them the solutions, teach them the ‘hows’ of the problem, so that they may be better equipped to handle future problems on their own.


Create a schedule for them

Without a clear schedule, your child may stick to routine household habits that may be detrimental to their learning. To help them stay more focused, help them develop a schedule that optimizes their distance learning situation.

Set aside a fixed time period for their daily morning routine, for example. Make this activity a collaborative effort between you and your child so that they may follow a schedule that works. With a fixed schedule, your child would be able to handle expectations better, especially when it comes to starting with their classes for the day.


Manage your expectations

Finally, it’s important for you to manage your expectations as a parent. This means being more forgiving when it comes to your child’s performance. Their online classes are a learning curve that they may have to spend some time before being able to fully adjust.

Try adopting a more understanding approach to your child’s distance learning. Don’t react in anger when they are not learning as fast as they used to. Distance learning is all about finding the right balance between helping your child become more productive and not pressuring them to go beyond what may be expected of them at the moment. Give them some time to adjust, and they’ll soon be able to focus without your help.


Key Takeaway

To help your child focus during distance learning, you should become more involved in this part of their life. Create a home environment that offers very minimal, to no distractions to your child — this helps them keep their attention towards the lecture, or to their studies.

The best piece of advice to keep your child focused is to adopt a more receptive approach. Let your child know that you’re always ready to guide them throughout this time — you’ll soon find that they may be able to navigate distance learning on their own, with relative ease.


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