How to Play a More Active Role in Your Child’s Education

Tuesday, August 25, 2020
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Both children and parents may be faced with a slew of changes in this academic year. The learning environment will definitely be vastly different from what it was before —  as it’s no longer feasible to physically travel to school campuses and meet face-to-face with students and teachers. As a parent, you may be asking yourself about how to be active in your child’s education, especially in this kind of situation.

Fortunately, this is the best opportunity for you to get more involved in your child’s learning. Spending the majority of your time together at home can serve as the perfect starting point in this endeavor. Continue reading to learn more.


Set a good example

One of the ways in which children learn best is through imitation. Knowing this, an effective way of being more active in their education is by setting a good example. As a parent, it’s your job to become a good role model for your kids, as the skills and values that they will learn from you will stay with them even when they grow up.

Consider this situation: You’re working from home at the same time as your children are adjusting to distance learning. You can easily be a good example by showing your child how dedicated you are in your work. As much as possible, avoid being idle while during your work hours. This image may just be what your child needs to keep them engaged in their online classes.


Study together

Another way of being more involved in your child’s education is by studying together with them. They don’t have the in-person accessibility of being with their peers when they need to as questions about the things they don’t understand in the lesson. Studying with them is both a great opportunity to bond and to enrich understanding of their subjects.

If your child is having difficulty with a particular subject, accommodate their questions. Spend a few moments sitting with them and studying the material together. The more they feel your enthusiasm about their education, the more they will begin to associate school with something positive and something that they can look forward to attending their classes.


Be a part of their hobbies

Learning does not only have to be limited to the four walls of the classroom. With this in mind, you don’t just stop being engaged with your child’s education as they’re doing their classes, but rather it’s also important that you make yourself a part of their hobbies as well.

You may not always be aware of it, but your child learns many valuable skills in their hobbies — whether it be painting, playing sports, or even leisure reading. Taking an interest in their hobbies can serve as an encouragement to your child so that they may pursue it further. The more consistently they share their time with you, the more seamless you would be able to blend in with their education.


Secure learning resources for them

As a parent, you also hold the responsibility of providing your child with the proper resources to accompany their education. Learning is a lifelong process and as mentioned before, this does not stop only when your child is attending their online classes.

It’s a good initiative to surround your home with many learning materials such as educational toys, kid’s almanacs, board games, and more. Doing these activities are a refreshing break from the time that your child might just spend playing video games or watching television shows that don’t really complement, or bring value to their education.


Key Takeaway

If you don’t know how to be active in your child’s education, then this guide ought to simplify it for you. You should never forget as a parent, that education is not only a one-time thing — the many valuable lessons and skills that they learn throughout their lifetime would be able to help them navigate the different stages of life.

Through actions like studying together with your child, providing them with limitless learning resources, or even simply taking an interest in their hobbies, then you’re already on your way to becoming more involved in their education.


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