How to Improve Your Child’s Emotional Well-Being

Monday, February 15, 2021
Happy mother giving piggyback ride to her daughter

Understanding how to improve your child’s emotional well-being helps them better relate to their inner selves and others. An emotionally healthy child isn’t afraid to voice negative emotions just as much as positivity.

However, parents may overlook this aspect of their child’s development. Instead of raising emotionally healthy children, they may raise a child that has difficulty when it comes to verbally express themselves. This may affect their self-esteem and even how they think other people see them.

Fortunately, it’s never too late for you to start. Listed below are some tips that can help your child be more attuned to their emotions.


See Things from Their Point of View

When your child approaches you with a problem they have, you might have a tendency to offer solutions without fully understanding their situation. You may also find yourself telling them that their problems aren’t that serious.

But when you don’t see things from your child’s perspective, they might think that their emotions are invalid. Knowing this, you have to pause every time you feel like being angry at your child.

Instead, understand what you would’ve felt like if you were in their position. Doing this helps them feel a sense of calm, and helps prevent you from saying things in the heat of the moment.


Encourage Them to Communicate

As much as you can, you should spend time talking about feelings or just being honest with your child. There’s only so much time left in the day for these activities and when you’re too busy working, your child may not exactly be able to turn to you whenever they want to express something.

Be proactive in encouraging your child to communicate. For example, after dinner in the evenings, sit down with them for a few minutes and just ask how their day went. Although it’s a simple gesture, it may go a long way in letting them know that there’s someone there who is willing to listen to what they have to say.


Promote Resilience

There is such a thing as finding the right balance between coddling your child and equipping them with the skills they need to become emotionally available. It’s also possible that you may shield your child from all types of negativities without giving them the chance to deal with some of these on their own.

To make sure that they’re not being coddled, help your child become more resilient. Give them opportunities where they can solve issues on their own without too much of your assistance.

Let’s say they received a low mark in their exam. Instead of comforting them excessively to the point that they would feel the need to perform better next time, offer constructive advice on how they can get higher grades next time. Let them know that mistakes are a part of everyday life — it’s how they react to these situations that change them for the better.


Key Takeaway

Wondering how to improve your child’s emotional well-being? It’s certainly possible by making positive changes in your parenting. As mentioned before, as a parent, you may tend to either become neglectful of your child’s feelings or comforting them to the point they’re being coddled.

The key is to strike a fine balance between the two situations above. Ultimately, you want to be a shoulder to lean on, as well as, a source of wisdom that your child can learn from. Take note of all of these simple tips and make it a habit to practice them consistently for the benefit of both you and your child.


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