How to Help Your Child Become More Independent

Friday, November 20, 2020
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Knowing how to help your child become more independent is the key to help them navigate the world on their own. As a parent, while you may always want to be protective of your child, you have the responsibility of teaching your child how the real world works. The reality is that it is not possible for you to be with them at all times, which is why they need to be equipped with the skills and know-how to handle everything that life may throw at them.

Even at just an early age, encouraging your kids, teaching them responsibility, and allowing them to make their own decisions may be effective in developing independence. Read on to learn more.


Give Them Encouragement

Encouraging your child is an effective way of letting them know that their efforts are valued. Whether it’s providing encouragement when they’re taking up hobbies, studying for school, or doing house chores — they’ll definitely appreciate your supportive language.

Let’s say your child is taking up basketball or a sport. At first, you may be tempted to micromanage and teach them everything they should know. But it’s first important to show that they have your full support for that activity. Do this by cheering them on, or buying them the sports equipment that they need.

This helps them understand that they have the freedom to choose which hobbies or activities they can take up without any judgment on your end.


Let Them Handle Responsibilities

Some parents may unknowingly be coddling their child, which can actually do more harm than good in the long run. Being a parent is all about finding the right balance between showing care and affection, and letting the child handle things on their own.

Assign your child certain responsibilities around the house. For example, you could let them do a range of household chores like washing dishes, cleaning their own bedroom, or packing up their toys after using them.

Don’t be afraid to give your child responsibilities because the more consistently they do this, the more equipped they’ll be to handle bigger and tougher challenges later on in life.


Allow Them to Make Their Own Decisions

The great thing about decision-making is that you don’t always end up choosing the right thing. This is because mistakes are a part of life — giving your child a chance to find this one out even at a young age can pave the way for them to become more assertive in the decisions they make in the future.

Whether it’s letting your child choose what kind of outfit they will wear for the day, or what breakfast they will eat, giving them the chance to make their own choice may help them develop both confidence and independence.

The next time your children are faced with a situation that requires them to decide, you can trust that they would be capable of making an informed choice. They won’t even need your help because you already gave them the capacity to do this even at just a young age.


Key Takeaway

You may find yourself wondering about how to help your child become more independent. It can be daunting if you don’t know where to begin, but you might be surprised that even the simplest of activities can already help them develop this ability.

For one, it’s important that you give your child encouragement. This gives them the confidence to handle responsibilities on their own and also make tougher decisions when they need to. Practice all of these consistently and your child can already be on their way to becoming a better, more independent person.


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