5 Reasons Why Your Kids Should Engage in Team Sports

Wednesday, April 25, 2018
5 Reasons Why Your Kids Should Engage in Team Sports

Although sports have the tendency for being ultra-competitive and can overwhelm athletes with intense pressure; they are one of the most rewarding activities that can develop lifelong positive qualities in a child. In Manila, the best international schools are known for providing excellent team sports programs for their students, which means parents won’t have to look far on where to begin exploring.

Exposing a child to the opportunities of playing team sports can boost his academic performance. Apart from that, it also has a positive effect on his communication skills, health, self-esteem, and discipline, among others.

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Enhancement of Communication Skills

Through the guidance of a coach and through experiencing the ins and outs of team sports, your child gains a strong capacity for communicating with authority figures and adults in general. This means that they get to be more comfortable when it comes to speaking out their ideas and concerns to their peers. Even more, this could improve their school work, particularly when presenting for class reports.


Development of Health and Self-Esteem

It goes without saying that playing team sports gives your child great amounts of physical exercise. Over time, he would be able to develop a routine that promotes maintaining proper physical health.

Not to mention, they may also gain confidence when they work hard during their games and see the fruit of their efforts.

Playing sports can also be an outlet for your child to release his or her feelings of stress, which means that he will not only be caring for his body, but his mind as well.


Instilled Practice and Determination

Team sports require significant amounts of discipline in order to master. The discipline, which a child gains from regularly attending practice as well as intently listening to the coach,gives him a formidable sense of determination and roadmap for mastery that he can also apply to any real-life endeavor.


Creating Cherished Memories

No matter how serious team sports may seem, when it comes right down to it; they are all about having fun and enjoying the moment. The feelings of triumph from victory and overcoming of obstacles and adversity make playing games so exciting. The experiences surrounding the thrill of sports such as celebrating with teammates and family are memories of a lifetime.


Teamwork for a Common Goal

Team sports call for the successes of a group’s effort. When a child finds himself as a contributor to a common goal with teammates, it gives him a sense of belonging. Children that participate in them develop an understanding for how important it is to focus their efforts on supporting others.


Key Takeaway

The best international schools in Manila provide competitive sports programs that would be wonderful for your child. Exposing him to this kind of extra-curricular activity can offer many real-life benefits, such as enhanced communication skills, improved health and higher self-esteem. Additionally, it has a good impact on the relationships he has with his peers.


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