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News and Updates

Junior High Dance in Bloomingdale


To celebrate friendship and oneness, and to reinforce party etiquette among Grades 9 and 10 students, the Student Council, in cooperation with several  student-led  committees,  held  THE JUNIOR HIGH DANCE 2016 at Corinthian Gardens Club House last February 24, 2016.

Entitled, DANCE in BLOOMINGDALE, it was a well-attended affair where everyone came clad in pastel dresses and suits decked withcorsages and boutonnieres made by the students themselves. With the reverberating boost of good music, energy, and a warm feel of family and friendship, the night was indeed for the books!

The affair was made even more memorable with the  Junior High School bands and dance club, Powerjive, as they showcased their craftsto inject some more fun into the night.

This sure was one for Junior High’s treasure of good memories!


See more pictures in our Reedley Facebook page:…