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As of March 16, 2020, all applications may only be done online until further notice. Click Apply Online Now below.

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As of March 16, 2020, all applications may only be done online until further notice. Click Apply Online Now below.

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12 Mobile Apps That are Perfect for Students

blog post

Technology infinitely makes things easier for humans; and one gadget that can be found in almost every student’s bag—whether they’re studying in an international school in Manila or in some other educational institution—is a mobile phone.

Sure, it can be disturbing when you often stumble upon your child in a corner, eyes riveted to his mobile phone, but fortunately, gadgets are not always troublesome.

Here are 14 apps that are guaranteed to help your child get through his school work much more seamlessly.


Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock

Getting an adequate amount of sleep is essential for your child to perform his best in school.

However, it’s a lot more complicated than sleeping for a certain number of hours per day. The concept of sleep cycle also comes into play.

Fortunately, this app takes that into account, ensuring that your child wakes up in the most optimum time.


Power-napping App

The wonders of power naps should never be underestimated. This app will help your child plan his naps when he sorely needs to recharge.



As a parent, it’s vital that you teach your child how to properly manage his finances as early as possible—and Goodbudget is an app that will help him do just that.



Wunderlist is an excellent to-do list app that will keep track of everything that your child needs to accomplish—from a grocery list, to deadlines, to exams.


myHomework Student Planner

The myHomework Student Planner app will help your child keep track of his homework and organize his tasks and reminders, among other things.


Microsoft Office

This remarkable app allows your child to access Microsoft Office documents on his gadgets.



While practicing, and your child is trapped on a particular math problem, he could turn to Mathway for help. All it takes is typing out the equation or taking a picture of it, then the app will provide him the needed answer.



The amount of formulas students need to acquaint themselves with can be immensely overwhelming. Good thing there’s an app like iFormulas, which will store all those necessary formulas in a single place.



This app is perfect if your child is studying literature in school. CliffsNotes will serve as a companion guide that will help him comprehend the texts better.


Merriam-Webster Dictionary

Gone are the days when students have to carry a hefty volume of dictionary with them all the time. Now, whenever they need to look up an unfamiliar word, all they have to do is to check their phone.



If your child is studying a foreign language, then Duolingo is the perfect app to complement his studies.



This wonderful app gives your child access to highly insightful talks delivered by famous and captivating speakers—all stored snugly on his mobile phone.


Key Takeaway

Technology does not always have adverse effects to your child. There are, in fact, myriads of mobile or tablet applications that are sure to help any student studying in an international school in Manila and other educational institutions.