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Parenting in the Digital Age: Using Technology to Your Advantage

blog post

Dealing with the daily struggles brought about by the strong – almost impenetrable – relationship between children and technology isn’t specific to the parents of students from international schools in the Philippines. It is, however, unique to the parents of children born and brought up in the 21st century where technology has become almost a necessity to their daily living.

Back then, devices couldn’t be taken out of household premises. Phones were hooked to home lines, computers were big and couldn’t be lugged around, and television sets couldn’t function without cable or electricity.

In recent years, however, technology has become portable. Smartphones, tablets, and laptops – these things can fit in our bags and even in our pockets. Aside from that, they have the power to function as televisions, computers, phones, and more. The biggest problem – as some people would call it – is that these things have become necessities instead of luxuries.

If you want to find out how to take advantage of technology as a parent to either bond or guide your children, then feel free to view our infographic below!

Parenting in the Digital Age_Using Technology to Your Advantage.jpg