Parenting in the Google/YouTube Age

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

The millennial generation has rapidly been hooked with the internet and digital media. They spend most of their time on social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, and YouTube. It is indeed a fact that technology has generated a huge generational divide that has been raising concerns among parents. This is why there are nervous parents who do not know how to reach out and connect to their children since they have been hooked to the internet. You can see that most international schools in Manila consider this in the way they educate and nurture their students.


For this reason, genuine concerns from parents have increased. Parents are continuously alarmed as this phenomenon not only decreases interaction with their children, it also poses a deep threat to their children’s safety. This is why we have compiled several to do’s and guidelines that will help you, parents, know how to keep up in this increasingly fast paced digital world.


Parenting in Google Age 1

Get Familiar Too

Though the internet has its advantages, its excessive and improper use may lead to certain risks. However, you also need to know first how various apps and websites work before you set these boundaries. This is the reason why parents must become familiar with the various features available to avoid certain obstacles in the future.


Safety First

Presently, some youth tend to focus more on the temporary and personal advantages of their behavior rather than the consequences it may entail in the long run. For instance, some kids or teens may post inappropriate pictures or comments to collect ‘likes’ and ‘followers’ that may be hurtful or even dangerous. When your kids practice similar internet behavior, this may not only risk their safety, but their character as well.


Try to be transparent in the way you monitor them in order for them to know that you are aware of their online activities. Additionally, it is also recommended that you teach them how to make their web page and social media sites private in order to avoid online predators from accessing their profile.


Parenting in the Google Age 2

Setting The Ground Rules

Setting the ground rules for your child’s internet use depends on their age. For teens, it is recommendable that you check and monitor their social media accounts to see what they are doing online and who they are talking to. If you see any suspicious activity on their accounts, the best solution is to disable certain programs like chat functions.


For young children, you should install computer software or filters that will block inappropriate sites that may put your children in jeopardy. It is also best that you are present while they are simply playing or researching online.



Know When To Ask For Help

Is your child spending too much time on Facebook? Are they skipping sleep for Twitter and Instagram? These are the situations parents must keep a keen eye on that may require some intervention. However, must the home intervention not have worked and the child continues on with this particular behavior, then it may be time to seek for professional advice.


Parenting in the Google Age 3

Encourage Good Character

Whether it be browsing age-appropriate websites or responsible use of social media, you are also helping them develop conscientiousness and integrity. Its never too early to start in teaching them proper online etiquette and behavior that will help them to be good netizens in the long run.


Key Takeaway

As a parent, it is normal that you worry about the safety and overall well-being of your child, most especially in this age of digital media. But at the same time, lets not forget that the internet is still undeniably a great thing to explore and learn from, especially with our kids. Learning its nooks and crannies will sure be worth it as you reap its benefits safely and with utmost delight and curiosity.


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