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Sibling Relationship Dynamics

blog post

In the Philippines, most international schools try to teach children and teens how to manage and care for their bond with their families and friends. Similarly, parents put in a lot of time learning and understanding their kids’ different relationships, especially those with their siblings.


Sibling relationships are very important relationships any child could have for a number of reasons. But first, let’s start with the basic knowledge about why this specific relationship stands out among others.


Sibling Traits: Where Did It Start?

From an evolutionary perspective, it is said that sibling traits stem from our past generations or direct ancestors. Sibling dynamics that are present in our homes today are replicated from generations of each family. For this reason, humans are definitely embroidered and built in their ancestors’ dynamics in all aspects – which testifies that all sibling relationships are deeply rooted in the evolutionary chain.



Sibling Relationships 2

A Relationship Is Unlike Any Other

Relationships between siblings are unlike any other because it sets the foundation to many of a person’s future relationships. It is normal for siblings to fight and argue throughout their relationship. At the same time, siblings also offer a sense of camaraderie and support. No matter what siblings end up going through they are also exposed to the fact that they are family. Plus, they have to settle their differences and be on the same side (one way or another) in the end. This is a good foundation for when kids with siblings will interact with people outside of their household.


Siblings are the Root of Your Skills

It is true that you are more likely to acquire the attitude and skills that your siblings may have. This is because of the constant exposure you have with each other and just picking up the different mannerisms the other may have. Moreover, you can acquire skills that you thought you didn’t have just by your interactions with your brother or sister. For instance, if you are an older sibling and you have a younger sibling, you may develop a nurturing and empathetic characteristic that you may not easily realize on your own.



Sibling Reltationships 1


A majority of parents may notice that the gender of their children greatly affects the sibling relationship. For instance, children of the same sex tend to compete more than children of the opposite sex. But at the same time siblings of the same sex can also understand each other better because they could go through similar situations.


Key Takeaway

There are many ways to determine how the dynamics of your children affect their overall well-being – from their personality, attitude, values, to the knowledge that they acquire throughout the years with their siblings. They could be tricky to deal with at times but siblings can also be the best friends one can ever have. This is why having a strong sibling bond is definitely worthwhile.