Teaching Resilience to Kids

Friday, July 28, 2017
teaching resilience to kids

As children grow and reach the early stages of adulthood, they may encounter more and more challenges. It is in times like these that the most skilled and determined ones truly stand out. To succeed, a person would need resilience.

Resilience is the ability and the capacity to remain strong in the midst of adversity and being able to recover from setbacks. This is an important skill that is being taught in some of the best international schools in Manila, which helps them in preparing for the future. As parents, it is important to teach and instill resilience to your children.

To give you a guide, here are some ways you can teach resilience to your kids:


Building competence through problem-solving

One of the building blocks in teaching resilience is helping your children become more competent when it comes to doing various tasks at home or at school. Competence is the ability to do various tasks skillfully and successfully. You could help your kids be resilient by providing them some tasks that require problem-solving.

For example, you can ask your children to assemble or fix an item. While they are doing this, allow them to find things out by themselves and only give positive responses when they do something correctly. Through activities like these, your children are challenged to accomplish it while also discovering new things.

Problem-solving helps build confidence by giving them something challenging that they have to accomplish by themselves. Essentially, this will help them gain new skills as well as develop their characters.


Be a role model to your kids

A great way to help your kids learn how to be resilient is by showing it to them and allowing them to follow your example. Children learn new things by following actions mostly done by adults, which means that they tend to imitate actions done by their parents and teachers.

To show them resilience, you can provide them an example of how calm and composed you are during a challenging task. By doing so, it would help them understand resilience more and emulate it at home and at school.


Help them manage their emotions

Managing your emotions is one of the key factors to becoming a resilient person. This is important to teach your children; they have to learn that showing their emotions is completely fine. They can feel anger and disappointment when they lose a game or feel sad when they don’t get what they want.

However, they should also be taught that managing strong emotions is vital as well as determining what they should do when having such feelings. Let them know that throwing a fit is not appropriate. Instead, both of you can figure out ways on how they can calm down during such instances. Being calm and composed can help them clear their mind so they can know what actions they should do next.


Let your children become independent

One of the best ways to help your children become resilient people is by letting them become more independent. Independence means allowing them to discover new things on their own.

However, while giving them independence is a good thing, it is still essential to remain a caring parent – a strong family relationship is a factor in developing a child’s resilience.


Tell them it is okay to ask for help

Sometimes, a problem could prove to be too much for your children. When this happens, they should learn that asking for help from others is completely alright every once in a while.

Parents can teach their kids to be brave and strong-minded. You should keep in mind, however, that being strong also means asking for help at the right time.


Let them know that making mistakes is part of personal growth

Your children face a lot of challenges at school, and there will come a time when they will experience some form of failure. Failure can bring about strong negative emotions, which would affect your children greatly. Instead of seeing this as a completely negative experience, tell them that failure is another step in growth and learning. This would help them overcome it. Eventually, this could also lead them to become stronger individuals in the future.

Also, you can tell your children that taking age-appropriate risks is a good thing, as it lets them experience various levels of growth – which can be productive and helpful in molding them into resilient individuals.


Key Takeaway

Resilience is one of the most important traits to have as a person, as it helps your children take on challenges, experience success, and rise up from failure. It is an important trait when it comes to molding your children into strong individuals as they grow into adulthood.


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