Teaching Teens Independence While Still Staying Connected with Them

Tuesday, June 5, 2018
Teaching Teens Independence While Still Staying Connected with Them

The adolescent years are the perfect time for teens to explore and discover more about themselves. It’s a good thing that the best international schools in Manila can offer them many wonderful opportunities for them to do so. With the help of their parents, they could for sure be able to maximize them.

Of course, it is significant to consider that teenagers are especially keen to exercise independence in every activity they perform. As their guardians, this could be difficult to allow since they are very much used to holding the hand of their children when they were younger.

Teaching independence doesn’t have to be scary — for both parties. In fact, there is a way for you to do this while staying connected with your teens. Here’s how:


Offer Gentle and Tactful Insights and Suggestions

Part of being a teenager is experimenting with new and different identities on a regular basis. Be gentle and tactful when it comes to suggestions and insights as to how your teen goes about dressing and grooming because coming off too strong or too aggressive will make her feel rejected, which could lead to her drifting from your parental guidance.


Let Her Take Responsibility for Her Actions

Tell your teen to own up and be honest in admitting when she did something wrong. Teaching the value of responsibility is one of the most vital steps towards instilling independence. Let your teen understand that mistakes are a natural part of learning and growing up, but make sure that they know the importance of being responsible for every action they would take.


Give Her Responsibilities to Earn Your Trust

Being independent and being responsible are almost synonymous with one another. This means that your teen should be able to show that she can take on responsibilities in order to exercise independence. They don’t have to be complicated; they could be as simple as notifying you where she is and following the rules you set in your home.

Ultimately, this would allow her to earn your trust and ease your mind regarding her truly becoming independent.


Teach Her How to Properly Prioritize

As part of her responsibilities, you could ask her to prepare a list of daily activities, which she would have to rate in order of urgency. For instance, doing her homework should be on top whereas watching a TV show should be on the latter part.

Let your teen know that she has to make a clear distinction between tasks that are priorities and tasks that she can do during her free time.


Be Available

Teens often find it hard to open up to their parents, even though they have a lot on their minds.

In order to maintain a close relationship with them, be physically and emotionally available when they need to talk about something. This would allow you to remain connected to their daily lives despite them being independent.


Key Takeaway

The best international schools in Manila have varieties of outlets and programs for teens to get acquainted with the principles of independence. As a parent, it is crucial that you allow them to feel your availability — both physically and emotionally — during these periods when she might undergo significant changes.


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