6 Tips for Better Communication with Your Pre-School Kids

Tuesday, January 30, 2024
6 Tips for Better Communication with Your Pre-School Kids

What are tips for better communication with your preschool kids?

  1. Make them feel heard
  2. Encourage conversation
  3. Speak to them clearly
  4. Use noticing statements
  5. Explain feelings to them
  6. Be conscious about what you say


  • Ensuring that children feel heard, understood, and valued is crucial for their emotional and social development.
  • For better communication with preschoolers, actively listen, validate feelings, encourage conversation, use clear words, notice statements, explain feelings, and be mindful of language choice.
  • Implementing these communication tips fosters an environment that nurtures trust, and emotional, and social development in preschool children.

Just as adults feel hurt when their opinions are overlooked, children, particularly those at the start of their educational journey, also experience these sentiments. Ensuring that a child feels heard, understood, and valued is a crucial responsibility for both parents and teachers as it lays the foundation for their emotional and social development.

By acknowledging the unique perspective and emotional complexities that these youngsters bring, we aim to equip you with tips for better communication with your preschool kids that will greatly enhance not just the quality of your dialogues with them, but also your overall relationship.

Make Them Feel Heard

Make Them Feel Heard

Even as adults, you can’t help but feel hurt or neglected when you’re not heard by your friends and colleagues – what more for our children who are just starting school? That’s why both parents and teachers need to make sure that a child’s opinions and sentiments are heard in various situations.

When preschoolers feel heard, it helps them develop crucial emotional and social skills, ultimately boosting their confidence and self-esteem. This is achieved through trust and open communication.

Parents can support this by actively listening to their children—giving full attention, maintaining eye contact, and responding thoughtfully. Validating their feelings and encouraging them to express themselves fosters a positive connection. Positive reinforcement supports the idea that their thoughts and contributions are valued.

Encourage Conversation

Preschoolers feel discomfort when their words are ignored. Encouraging conversations helps them practice language and express thoughts, enhancing vocabulary and sensitivity to subtle cues.

Repetitive engagement equips them with strong communication tools. Genuine listening, eye contact, and intentional responses validate their feelings. Positive reinforcements at the end reassure them that their voices are valued, solidifying bonds and emphasizing their impact.

Speak To Them Clearly

Clear and simple words from parents enhance understanding and boost vocabulary for children. Use short sentences, emphasize keywords, and use gestures.

For instance, say “It’s time for bed” instead of using complex phrases. Substituting simpler words like “good job” helps in effective communication. Clear communication supports language development and overall linguistic competence in children.

Use Noticing Statements

Noticing statements, rarely used but powerful, can boost preschoolers’ self-worth. By saying things like “I noticed you shared your toy,” we appreciate their actions, fostering meaningful interaction.

This practice, observing and commenting on their activities, encourages expression and instills a sense of responsibility. Issuing noticing statements assures children that their actions are valued, nurturing mindful and compassionate toddlers.

Explain Feelings To Them

In a preschooler’s world, emotions can be confusing. As parents and educators, we act as emotional cartographers, guiding them to interpret their feelings. After incidents like a playground dispute, explaining, “You seem upset because your friend took your toy,” unveils their emotional landscape.

This promotes self-awareness and empathy. By helping children understand their emotions, we indirectly encourage them to empathize with others’ feelings.

Be Conscious About What You Say

Be Conscious About What You Say

You play a big role in our preschooler’s world, and the words you use are like teaching tools. Even simple phrases carry a lot of meaning. Instead of reflecting on negative emotions, let’s aim for positivity and resilience.

Every word matters, influencing their emotions and social growth. Let’s be mindful, using affirmations and positive interactions to nurture confident and considerate preschoolers.

Saying things like “Let’s try again!” or “We can figure this out together!” encourages perseverance. By framing problems as challenges and losses as lessons, we shape how they see setbacks.

Key Takeaway

By implementing these tips for better communication with preschool kids, both parents and teachers can create an environment that nurtures trust, and emotional and social development in children.

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