8 Tips to Ace your College Admissions Interview

Friday, February 3, 2023
8 Tips to Ace your College Admissions Interview

What are some tips to ace your college admissions interview?

  1. Do your research ahead of time.
  2. Conduct practice interviews with friends, mentors, or family.
  3. Present yourself well.
  4. Be the best version of yourself.
  5. Don’t worry about the time.
  6. Answer conversationally.
  7. Ask your questions.
  8. Be thankful, polite, and appropriate.

If you’re transitioning from high school to college, one of the steps you might be faced with conquering is the college admissions interview. The feelings of anxiety may wash over you as the date approaches since it’s a big factor in your admission to your dream university. Before the big day, you can go over some of these tips to ace your college admissions interview.

Do your research ahead of time.

College applicants often face an interview process, making them valuable sources of information about what to expect. Utilize both their insights and online resources, such as information about the college and potential interview questions, to prepare thoroughly and increase your chances of success.

Conduct practice interviews with friends, mentors, or family.

They say a good way to practice speeches is in front of the mirror, but that can be quite hard in the case of practicing for an interview. So do the next best thing: request the help of a friend, mentor, or relative to conduct a practice interview with you and then let you know what you need to improve on. If they don’t know what to ask, provide them with the list of questions yourself based on what you researched, and then answer as though they were the college’s administrators.

Present yourself well.

On the day of the actual interview, remember that first impressions matter. Be punctual, or come in a few minutes early. Dress appropriately—try to avoid jeans and t-shirts, and go for business or smart casual attire instead. Remember to smile and be approachable, no matter how nervous you are.

Be the best version of yourself.

It’s very important to be yourself throughout the interview because that’s exactly who the interviewers are looking to discover. But that doesn’t mean who you are with a close friend, a confidant, or even your parents. Be the best version of who you are—the persona you show to persons of authority and those you have the utmost respect for. But don’t be ashamed of your hobbies, your strengths, weaknesses, or your interests. After all, they are what defines you!

Don’t worry about the time.

There’s a misconception that longer interviews are better ones, but that’s not always true. There’s no need to beat around the bush just to make your answers seem longer or smarter—the best interview is one that achieves its purpose, regardless of its timing.

The same goes for answers that are too quick—don’t be afraid to stop and take some time to think when you need to. Some applicants are scared of silent moments in an interview, thinking that it leaves a bad impression. On the contrary, it allows both you and the interviewer a chance to pause and reflect.

Answer conversationally.

While you shouldn’t use slang or inappropriate words during the interview, you don’t need to sound stiff or scripted either. In addition to being the best version of yourself and not worrying too much about the time, you’ll find that doing what comes naturally is the best way to keep your composure throughout the process. It’ll also help the interviewers see the side of you most often shown to others, which will help them get to know you better.

Ask your questions.

Show your interest and enthusiasm by asking your own well-researched and thought-out questions. Remember to stick to professionalism, and don’t ask anything that’s too personal or doesn’t have anything to do with the topic at hand: your application or admission to the college they represent.

Be thankful, polite, and appropriate.

Once you’ve gotten the hang of it, you might be inclined to relax and start talking to the interviewers as though they were your friends. While part of the interviewers’ goal is to build rapport with you for a good interview, always remember your purpose for being there. So while it’s certainly acceptable to relax, it’s not acceptable to forget your politeness and respect. Your words and actions need to be appropriate to the situation.

In the end, remember to thank the panel or the interviewer for their time and a good interview. You might even want to send them a follow-up email to thank them, but keep in mind that some people get uncomfortable when asked about their contact details.

Key Takeaway

In this article, we presented some tips to ace your college admissions interview that will surely help you not only for this stage of the admission process but even in other interviews you’ll be attending throughout your life.

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