6 Reasons to Love Working in an International School

Monday, February 6, 2023
6 Reasons to Love Working in an International School

Why should you work at an international school?

  1. Exposure to a diverse range of cultures
  2. Smaller class sizes
  3. Career growth
  4. Travel opportunities
  5. Competitive compensation and benefits
  6. High-quality education

Working at an international school offers unique benefits and opportunities that only teachers in that position get to experience. Whether you are an experienced teacher or just starting out in the field, working at an international school can provide you with a challenging and rewarding experience that you won’t find anywhere else. Here are some reasons to love working in an international school.

Exposure to a diverse range of cultures

International schools are places where people of all cultures, beliefs, and walks of life come together. Because of this, working at an international school gives teachers the opportunity to meet students, colleagues, and mentors from all over the world. Each one has varied experiences and unique ways of thinking that they can share with the entire academic community.

This exposure allows teachers to gain valuable insight into places they may have never been to before or places they can now see from someone else’s point of view. It also teaches them the values of acceptance, openness to change, and hospitality.

Smaller class sizes

Many international schools have smaller class sizes, which is a benefit for teachers not only because they are better equipped to deal with fewer students. Here, they can pay close attention to each student. This allows them to get to know each child personally, be a witness to their growth and development, and form deeper mentor-student relationships.

Our current teachers themselves have had wonderful things to say about their students—all because they were able to form connections with them that run deep and last long.

Career growth

Most international schools have a wide range of development opportunities for teachers. Career advancement in the form of leadership positions and specialized subject areas are key avenues of growth for teachers looking to improve their craft. They can diversify their range of specializations by learning more about different subjects and adopting new teaching styles.

The opposite can also happen: international schools can hone a teacher’s specific skill set, such that he or she becomes an expert in one field. This growth is good for the teacher’s journey throughout the education industry, during the time that they are employed in the international school and long afterward.

Travel opportunities

International schools or their sibling institutions are often located in different parts of the world. So, besides their growth as a person and as an academic, international school teachers’ experiences with the world also increase. Not only do they get to have the opportunity to travel to other cities, provinces, or countries, they get to do so with their students or colleagues, who are all in the same boat. Thus, they have a connection that ties them to the school and the people they love.

Competitive compensation and benefits

No ideal teaching situation would be complete without adequate compensation for the work put in by dedicated teachers. International schools often offer competitive salaries and benefits to attract and retain qualified teachers. Therefore, you can expect a pay grade that’s arguably better than a well-paying local teaching job.

It’s also important to note the competitive salaries and benefits of teachers working in international schools, especially considering that many teachers opt for international schools for this reason. At Reedley, however, we value teachers’ dedication to their students and to the art of teaching, and highly appreciate educators who have a passion that goes beyond the paycheck.

High-quality education

Finally, in line with a teacher’s desire to provide quality education, most often an international school provides an education that is world-class, steeped in real-life experiences, and focused on preparing students for the world at large. If that’s the kind of education that you want to instill in your students, an international school just might be the best place for you.

Key Takeaway

In this article, we discussed six reasons to love working in an international school. If you’re an educator who values the art of teaching, wants a unique and globalized experience, and longs for a chance to instill values in the minds and hearts of students all over the world, working at an international school just might be for you.

And if you’re looking for a place to teach, start with the best international school in the Philippines, Reedley. We’re always looking out for teachers who are dedicated, proactive, and ready to change their students’ lives for the better. Contact us today to know more about working with us at Reedley International School!


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