The Truth About Gadgets and Tablets: How They Could Be Damaging Your Children

Wednesday, March 14, 2018
The Truth About Gadgets and Tablets: How They Could Be Damaging Your Children

In today’s world, technology has become an incredibly integral aspect of our lives. Every age group is now very well acquainted with the marvels of smart phones and tablets—these would include children that are enrolled in the best international schools in Manila.

Many of these private schools have already begun to implement and require the use of tablets and other gadgets as supplementary resources for certain classes. The innovations of these devices are proving to be helpful; however they also exhibit some potentially damaging effects for children.

Here are some of the major dangers that we should be aware of:


They can shorten their attention span

Things occur so quickly on the internet. Today, it’s the place where everything is done with just a few clicks and within seconds. Unfortunately, this means that the users want things done instantly, which results in children becoming impatient and wanting to move onto the next thing. In turn, leading to them becoming bored and their attention span waning.


They can lead to addiction

Thanks to today’s technology, one gadget can serve as many things, such as a small computer, an eBook reader, and a digital notebook. Apart from that, they could also store games that adults and children find extremely entertaining. It’s not a stretch to say that these devices are addicting!

As a parent, you would want to curb this behavior by giving them some guidelines on when and on how they should be using their gadgets. The earlier you take action, the less likely it is to turn to a more serious addiction.


They can cause vision problems

Today, it’s becoming increasingly common to see young children wearing eyeglasses with frightfully thick lenses. Poorer eyesight is arguably one of the most obvious drawbacks of too much exposure to gadgets, such as smart phones and tablets.


They can result to sleep deprivation

Some children bring their gadgets to bed. Instead of sleeping right away, they find their eyes glued to the screen for hours—wrecking their sleeping patterns.

To avoid this problem, be sure that their rooms don’t have electronics that could disrupt their night’s rest.


They can trigger aggressive behavior

A lot of media—such as video games and movies—are filled with disturbing images that are hardly age appropriate. If they are not supervised properly, these can trigger violent and aggressive behavior in your children.


They can reduce physical activities

Today, children would rather stay indoors and fiddle with their gadgets instead of getting the exercise that their bodies desperately need. To address this, you can encourage your children to have a jog every now and then. If possible, you could even turn it into a family affair. For instance, you can schedule your Saturday mornings for working out together.


They can inhibit social interaction

Lastly, children will hardly have any time to interact with others, since they might simply prefer to spend their time with their tablets.

To curb this issue, it is best for you to encourage them to go out and see their friends. You could also bring them to the park or to family reunions so they could properly interact with their relatives or even make new acquaintances.


Key Takeaway

Electronics are continuing to be more ingrained in our everyday lives. If your children are studying at one of the best international schools in Manila, it’s important to effectively and thoughtfully manage their use of gadgets and tablets.


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