Help Your Kid Turn into the Scientist He’s Always Wanted to Be

Wednesday, February 28, 2018
Help Your Kid Turn into the Scientist He's Always Wanted to Be

By enrolling your child in the best international school in Manila, you will be maximizing his academic growth and nurture his inherent talents.

These talents could be artistic such as painting, dancing, or playing a musical instrument, but it could also lean more towards the academic side. Another possibility is that your child may excel in mathematics, language, or in the sciences.

If your child happens to belong to the latter group and can’t help to love his science subjects, then you could show support by doing the following:


Encourage a Sense of Wonder for All Things

Open your child’s perspectives to see that science is not just limited to the classroom. Foster a sense of natural curiosity by figuring things out together. Running simple experiments around the house like planting fruits around the garden can boost their childlike yearning for discovery.


Stimulate Your Child to Constantly Ask Questions

There’s a science to everything. When it comes to your child’s hobbies and interests like sports or arts and crafts, stimulate him to further understand all the little things that go into mixing colors when painting or into kicking a soccer ball into a goal.

Vitalize him to always ask “why” and “how;” this exercises him to be curious for himself. However, upon answering, be careful not to hand out simple solutions that are black and white.

The whole point of this exercise is to show him that science is not just a subject in school.


Spark Imagination through Movies, Toys, and Video Games

Prompt imaginative out-of-the-box thinking by strengthening a playful attitude in your child. A few things you could do are:

  • Encourage him to play toys like LEGO building blocks because this is a great hands-on activity he could participate in.
  • Watch science fiction films together. Movies such as Star Wars can open him up to a world of adventures and possibilities.
  • Video games do not always have a negative effect on your child. Allowing him to play Minecraft could subtly hone his systematic approach to things. Although, you might want to monitor how much time he spends playing it.


Cultivate Positive Impressions

When it comes to science, the most important attribute is creativity. Show your child that it’s a good thing to be naturally inquisitive and that understanding concepts is fun!

Take him to different museums because this exposes him to the fact that there’s a great significance in pursuing scientific endeavors.


Key Takeaway

It is key that his love of the science subject be cultivated outside of the classroom—not just inside.

Combining all the aforementioned pointers ensures the most important thing: That your child full heartedly carries the notion that being science-minded extends to every aspect of school AND life.

As the parent, you could have the driver seat in stirring your child in the right direction in order to further his love of all things science!


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