5 Benefits of Sending Your Child to a Progressive School

Monday, January 22, 2024
5 Benefits of Sending Your Child to a Progressive School

What are the benefits of sending your child to a progressive school?

  1. Student-centered learning
  2. Develops critical thinking skills
  3. Fosters independence
  4. Prepares students for lifelong learning
  5. Encourages teamwork and collaboration


  • Progressive schools prioritize individualized learning, offering personalized attention and support.
  • Independence is a cornerstone of progressive education, empowering children to take charge of their learning journey.
  • Beyond grades, progressive schools, like Reedley International School, aim to develop self-assured, inquisitive, and autonomous thinkers.

One of the most crucial choices we have to make as parents is the kind of education to give to our kids. Progressive education is becoming popular today because of its emphasis on holistic development and student-centric philosophy.

In this article, we will delve into the benefits of sending your child to a progressive school. We’ll provide you with insights so you can make an informed decision for your child’s educational path.

Student-Centered Learning

Progressive schools do things differently when it comes to education. They put the focus on students and make sure their learning experience is tailored to their individual needs. This means that each child gets personal attention and support in the classroom.

They learn not just by reading textbooks but by actively engaging with the subjects. Teachers don’t just talk to them, they guide them as they explore and learn on their own.

Imagine your child being an active participant, excited to learn, and eager to discover new things. This sets them up for a lifelong love of learning.

Develops Critical Thinking Skills

Develops critical thinking skills

Critical thinking is important for success in our constantly changing world, and progressive schools understand this. They make it a priority from the beginning of a child’s education to teach them how to think critically.

Through this as well, your child can actively ask questions, analyze things, and solve problems. Progressive schools don’t merely expect students to memorize information, they want them to be able to think for themselves and come up with new ideas.

As a result, students are molded not just to learn things but also to be good at working through challenges on their own—with creativity and confidence in mind.

Fosters Independence

In progressive schools, the goal is to empower children to become independent learners and thinkers. This goes beyond simply acquiring knowledge and skills. It involves nurturing a sense of responsibility and initiative in students. By giving them the freedom to make decisions about their learning, they develop a genuine sense of ownership and engagement.

In these schools, students are encouraged to set goals, manage their time, and take responsibility for their academic pursuits. They are given opportunities to explore their interests, make choices, and engage in self-directed learning. This fosters a sense of independence and self-reliance, as they learn to navigate challenges, seek resources, and take initiative in their educational journey.

Prepares Students for Lifelong Learning

Prepares students for lifelong learning

These schools also focus on instilling a love for learning and cultivating lifelong learners. It aims to nurture curiosity, adaptability, and a continuous desire to learn and grow. By creating a supportive and engaging learning environment, they foster a genuine passion for learning in students.

They encourage exploration, curiosity, and critical thinking, allowing students to develop a deeper understanding of subjects and actively engage with their education. As a result, they see learning as a meaningful and enjoyable process rather than a chore. They are motivated by their intrinsic curiosity and desire to understand the world around them. This drives them to seek out new knowledge, explore different perspectives, and pursue subjects that genuinely interest them.

Encourages Teamwork and Collaboration

A strong emphasis is placed on fostering effective collaboration and teamwork among students. Educators recognize the significance of these skills both in academic and everyday life. To promote teamwork, students are frequently assigned group projects to instill collaboration and the exchange of ideas.

The goal extends beyond individual achievement; it aims to cultivate essential skills such as communication, cooperation, and interpersonal abilities. By engaging in collaborative activities, students not only learn to contribute to a team but also develop a sense of self-efficacy and proficiency in working both independently and in groups.

Key Takeaway

Progressive schools, with their focus on critical thinking, independence, and collaboration, transcend the confines of traditional education. The benefits of sending your child to progressive school mold them into exam-takers, adept problem-solvers, confident individuals, and collaborative team players.

As the leading progressive school in Pasig, we at Reedley International School go beyond academics, instilling vital learning, life, and literacy skills through personalized guidance. Make the right choice of enrolling your child at Reedley — Contact us here today.


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