The Best International Schools in Manila Encourage Reading and Here’s How Parents Can Too

Thursday, March 3, 2016

Reading is only one of the many skills that a child can learn once they go to school. It is one of the most basic, but also one of the most fundamental – it is an ability that is crucial to their success in their studies and, ultimately, in life. No doubt reading is considered to be a life skill too, which is why the best international schools in Manila encourage their students – especially the younger ones – to practice and develop it.

But this is not to say that reading can only be learned inside the classroom. In truth, there are several things that a parent can do to encourage his or her child to start learning this essential skill before they even step foot inside a classroom. However, encouraging a child to read can be challenging, especially with distractions like video games and cartoons around. Fortunately for every parent out there, it is a challenge that they can overcome with the help of some tips.


Read Together

Before bed or during the day, parents should make time to read with their children. They should make it a habit to read them a book or two every day – this will help encourage the little ones to fall in love with stories and thus, push them to read more.

Aside from being a fun exercise, this bonding activity not only helps forge positive relationships within the family, but it also helps the child’s vocabulary and comprehension. Another good activity would be allowing the child to read the story to their parents – this will definitely assist in practicing their reading skills and develop their want for it as well.


reading little girl


Read Materials Other Than Books

To keep things fun and exciting, parents should choose reading materials that do not involve books from time to time. Reading materials are not necessarily limited to books, after all: board games with written instructions, magazines, graphic books, road signs, and even lists of jokes can be used as reading materials too! This is especially helpful for kids who don’t enjoy reading purely worded books. So instead of using novels, parents can encourage their kids to read through by incorporating it in their daily activities.


Interact With Kids While Reading

In some instances, a child might find reading together boring. To avoid this, parents should involve their kids through interacting with them throughout the storytelling activity. Consider letting the child choose which book to read or ask them if they liked the previous one or not. Perhaps ask them about some of the story elements as well: do they like the characters? What do they think about the setting? Asking such questions will not only invest them in the tales, but will also increase their engagement and their comprehension skills.


a heart on an open book


Be a Good Role Model

Children often copy their parents’ actions. That said, if parents want to encourage their kids to read, they have to show young ones that they enjoy reading too! When parents want to read a promising book or the latest copy of their favourite magazine, they should do it away from their home office or study room. Instead, they should read in the living room or backyard where their kids can easily see them. This will have a positive impact on their children’s love for books.

Reading is an important skill that children have to learn to excel in school and succeed in life. As their primary role models, parents should encourage their kids to read early on. Once it is time to enrol their children, parents should choose a school that would continue encouraging their children to read – like Reedley International School. Reedley’s enriching academic program and curriculum ensures that their students will have a bright future ahead.



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