When Bullying Starts at Home and How to Prevent It

Thursday, July 4, 2019
Bullying in the hallway

Bullying is one of the worst experiences that may happen to your child, even more so when your child could be the one doing it to his classmates. Whether your child studies at an international school in the Philippines or elsewhere, bullying causes a lot of physical and psychological trauma to children. It can have long-term effects that will affect how they interact with their friends and family.

This is why it is best to address the issue immediately in order to prevent it from escalating further. Bullying is caused by a number of negative experiences. It can even start at your own home as well. When this happens, it is best to make sure that as parents, you will be able to solve the problem and form a stronger relationship with your child.


Addressing Bullying at Home

One of the root causes that may lead to bullying at home is conflict among siblings. This conflict can start from simple petty arguments. These can even turn into physical altercations and verbal abuse. This can lead them to form negative behaviors that they might also take to school, ultimately causing more trouble with their fellow classmates and even their teachers.

Bullying at home can stem from disagreements that are not properly discussed and dealt with in a healthy manner. In some instances, bullying can start from the behavior of the parents themselves, which their children try to emulate outside their home. If not addressed, these negative tendencies may stay with your children for a long period of time, leading them to regularly engage in bullying as a form of intimidation and feeling stronger than others.


Preventing Bullying

As parents, it is best to eliminate these negative patterns of behavior, some of which may have become habits. The first and most integral step is to simply be better role models for your children. It is also important to try and teach them the value of empathy along with the importance of forming healthy relationships. Bullying can also stem from children not being able to properly vent out their needs and frustrations. The best approach to this situation is by giving them time to talk it out. This can also play a fundamental role in the development of trust and strengthen your bond as a family.

Encouraging values such as respect and patience may also help improve their behavior, as it will allow them to practice better social skills that will help them form positive relationships with family and peers. Teaching your children to properly manage their frustrations is also another effective way of quelling actions related to bullying, as they will learn how to channel their anger into something more constructive.


Key Takeaway

Whether your child studies at an international school in the Philippines or elsewhere, bullying is a problem that can start from your own home. It can lead to a number of long-term negative effects that may hurt your relationship as a family, and hurt others outside your home as well. By properly addressing this problem inside your household and teaching the importance of respect, you will be able to prevent the situation from developing any further.


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