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How to Help Your Child Deal with Test-Related Stress

blog post

Whether your child studies at an international school in Manila or elsewhere, tests are an integral element of every student’s life. Exams fundamentally serve as a method to measure the skills and knowledge of a student.

The pressure of doing well on these tests can be very heavy on children, as they may prepare and study for hours on end to achieve the best results. Not being able to meet their expectations will not only impact their academic standing but their confidence as well. This can lead them to regularly experience anxiety before every crucial quiz.

It is important to remember that with the right approach, conquering test anxiety is possible. As a parent, doing your part in alleviating the pressure and helping your child perform to the best of her abilities will help her grow stronger mentally and emotionally.


Set up proper study time

One reason that your child may experience test-related stress is because she feels that she did not have enough time to prepare for it. Lacking sufficient time to study and prepare can lead to poor scores, which can only cause more stress. To solve this issue, you and your child can try to establish a fixed schedule that would be able to cover all of the necessary topics and subjects that she needs to study for prior to the test day.


Reassure your child

The fear of failure and rejection that comes with preparing for an exam can manifest in your child, leading her to constantly worry about not performing well. While passing a test will always be the main goal, there may be times when your child won’t do so well despite the amount of time and effort put into studying.

As a parent, it is best to help your child cope with failures and mistakes by encouraging her to realize that these are powerful learning experiences. This will allow her to treat unfortunate results not as dead ends, but as new opportunities to continue improving.


Stay healthy

Part of any good preparation for a test is eating well and getting enough sleep. This provides your child with the necessary energy to focus and perform excellently during the exam itself. Having a balanced breakfast is a great way to start the day, as it provides enough nutrients for a sharp and sound mind. Getting enough sleep, which is at least 7-8 hours, can also ensure that your child would not be feeling drowsy or tired for the rest of the day.


Block out the negative thoughts

Doubt and negativity are some of your child’s biggest hurdles when it comes to overcoming test-related stress. This is why it is important to try and replace these with a more positive and growth-oriented mindset. Self-defeating thoughts like “I’m not good enough” and “I might fail this test” should be substituted with “I can pass the test” or “I can do better”.


Key Takeaway

Whether your child studies at an international school in Manila or elsewhere, test-related stress is something that can hinder her performance. These effective strategies can help her overcome worries and doubts, allowing her to maximize her full potential during exams.