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4 Powerful Ways to Help Your Child Overcome Rejection

blog post

Rejection can come in a multitude of forms at an international school in Manila, whether it is not being picked in a game or sport or not being invited to join a group of classmates. Any of these experiences can negatively impact your child’s confidence. If not properly addressed, this can affect her performance at school and lead to the development of detrimental behavioral patterns.

As parents, guiding your child to accept and overcome rejection can be a challenging process. But with the right approach, you would be able to help her regain her confidence and encourage her to move towards growing stronger and better as a person.


Understand that rejection can happen and can be overcome

Rejection is something that can happen to anyone, including people that have already become successful. If your child gets rejected, it is best to tell her that it is something that each person goes through and that it is an important learning experience that will only help her improve in the long run.

This is also an essential life lesson, as rejection shows that your child will be able to take more calculated risks when it comes to her goals and ambitions. As a parent, it is important to encourage your children to keep trying until they succeed.


Let go of the experience that led to the rejection

Acceptance is one of the things that your child needs to learn when it comes to overcoming rejection. Having your child accept the events that transpired will prevent her from dwelling on them and focus on what she can do now. Moving on from negative experiences will allow her to start afresh and remove any fears that she might have.


Strive towards self-improvement

Getting rejected can sometimes stem from your child feeling that she is not good enough, leading her to believe that she does not have the talent. As a parent, the most powerful way to overcome this is by helping your child develop and hone her skills. This will show your child that she can achieve more than what she initially could, allowing her to see that she is good enough.


Provide a supportive environment

Getting rejected can make children feel that they do not belong, which can lead them to alienate themselves from their friends and family. It is important to establish an environment at home that is supportive and encouraging. This will provide them with a support system that motivates them during challenging times, even after getting rejected.


Key Takeaway

Whether your child studies at an international school in Manila or elsewhere, rejection is a strong negative feeling that can be overcome with proper guidance and support from the whole family. It is an experience that should not be interpreted as an end, but instead, another opportunity to try again.