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Growth-Oriented Phrases You Can Say to Your Child

blog post

The best international schools in Manila aim to guide your child towards developing his character in order to become a lifelong learner. As a parent, one the most ideal ways to support your child is through growth-oriented encouragement. This will not only make him feel great about what he has achieved but can also motivate him to do more.

This form of encouragement allows you to recognize the effort that your child has done to succeed and will show him that the best results are achieved through hard work and focused effort. One way you can inspire him is by using a number of growth-oriented phrases.


“You put a lot of effort on this, good job” instead of simply “Good job”

While praising your child’s achievements is a must, using the sole phrase “Good job” can denote that you only acknowledged the result, but not the effort. By adding a phrase like “You put a lot of effort” or “I see the effort you put into your work”, you are empowering him to see the value of grit and hard work to achieve the best results. You can also mention some of the details that made his work exceptional. This will show him that the process counts when pursuing a goal.


“Not yet” instead of “Never”

The word ‘never’ can be very hurtful towards your child’s motivation. Saying something like “You might never be able to do that.” may impair his drive to explore new things where he can excel at. The next time your child says something like “I’ll never get that award”, you can say “Not yet” to show him that there is still time to improve and reach his desired target. Instead of “Never”, you can say “Not yet”, as this is a phrase that sparks hope and can make him want to continue trying.


“Let’s try” instead of “It’s too hard”

Your child will face many challenges during his time as a student. He will encounter tasks that he might think are too difficult to accomplish. There may be times when your child would simply not want to face these challenges, say “This is too hard” and begin giving up. As a parent, witnessing your child give up can be disheartening.

Saying “Let’s try” will cultivate an open mind and heart when it comes to acquiring new skills, solving problems, or conquering a particular obstacle. Sometimes, all your child may need is a little boost to get help him start.


Key Takeaway

A growth mindset is an integral component of your child’s character development. By invigorating him with these growth-oriented phrases, you would be able to direct him towards resilience amidst adversity, striving for more, and giving it his all when aiming for his goals.