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How Practice and Repetition Can Improve Your Child’s Cognitive Development

blog post

Whether your child studies at an international school in Manila or elsewhere, talent and skill are two attributes that need to be developed and consistently worked on over time. One of the most ideal ways to hone them is through practice.

Practice has proven to be very effective when it comes to cerebral development because it trains children to adapt to new tasks. Repetition is the key element to mastering any skill. Whether it’s a new sport, creative activity, or academic endeavor, constant practice and repetition will improve how your child understands and absorbs new information,


Enhanced Information Processing

Children have the ability to pick up new information quickly, which in turn, allows them to acquire new qualities and attributes. Constant practice and repetition are critical factors when it comes to developing your child’s information processing skills because they inherently give him a deeper understanding of all the details that go into a particular undertaking.


Better Decision Making and Problem Solving

Two of the most fundamental components of your child’s cognitive development are his decision-making and problem-solving abilities. These will propel him to succeed in school and later in adulthood. For example, answering mathematical problems can be mastered by your child through repeatedly solving the same set of equations multiple times.

This teaches him to know how to approach a problem and utilize the necessary tools in order to make the most accurate decision to solve it. With enough time and practice, your child will be able to sharpen not only his problem-solving and decision-making skills but his analytical and critical thinking as well.


Improve Memory Skills

Practice and repetition prepare your child to learn a different set of patterns and routines. These will help refine his approach and technique when it comes to tackling different subjects and activities.

For example, playing a sport like football means that your child has to learn routine actions like dribbling, passing, or kicking. Practice and repetition push him towards becoming familiar with these movements and therefore enhancing his skillset.

Activities like these can expand your child’s mental prowess by helping him instinctively familiarize himself with the procedures that he must perform in certain scenarios.


Key Takeaway

As the old saying goes, “practice makes perfect.” Through the discipline that comes with consistent practice, your child would not only become better at refining his capabilities and talents but also have a clearer understanding of the world around him as well.