Playing and Why it is Essential to a Child’s Growing Years

Wednesday, December 18, 2019
Playing and Why it is Essential to a Child’s Growing Years

Playing is arguably any given child’s favorite pastime. At times, this can be frustrating for parents because it usually distracts kids from their responsibility of studying.  However, you should know that playing is not only your child’s right and source of joy but it also plays a part in his holistic development as a person.

If you aren’t familiar with the importance of play for your child’s growing years, then continue reading because it can help you raise your son to reach his fullest potential without compromising some of the more enjoyable aspects of childhood.


Playing stimulates your child’s brain at an early age

It is well known that the first years of a person’s life will provide the foundation for his future into adulthood. Specifically, the first two years are where the most considerable amount of brain development happens. In those ages, playing is what guides and stimulates the development of language, social skills, emotion, creativity, and more.  By the age of five, most of the preliminary brain development should be done and the child is ready for primary school.

Lack of play and proper communication in the first few years, known as ‘under-stimulation’, can lead to setbacks on your child’s learning and physical capabilities. This makes the act of playing vital in preparing and, eventually, supplementing your child’s formal education.


Children learn through play

Aside from preparing your child’s brain for formal education, playing also serves as an outlet for learning itself. Many of the concepts and lessons learned in class are applied and integrated while playing. For example, children who play outdoors are more likely to make sense of lessons learned in math and science. Children who play simple playground games with other kids get opportunities to apply the lessons they learned in their language classes. Even video games help in teaching children logic and problem-solving skills.

By incorporating a healthy balance of study and play, your child will have many opportunities to learn while at the same time having fun.


Outdoor play helps develop physical abilities

One underappreciated benefit that further stresses the importance of play is its role in developing the cognitive and physical abilities of children. Children get better in their gross motor skills such as walking, jumping, and hopping by playing outside where there is plenty of space to do so. Playing sports helps build strength, flexibility, and coordination.

Aside from physical skills, playing outdoors is also a multi-sensory experience that allows kids to see, hear, smell, and feel the outside world. This helps in keeping their senses sharp and useful.


Key Takeaway

As alluded to above, the key to holistic childhood development is a balance between the many elements of a given child’s life. Now that you know why playing is essential to a child’s growing years, encourage your child not only to play but to also have fun while doing it.


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