Productive Activities to do When Classes Are Suspended

Friday, September 29, 2017
Productive Activities to do When Classes Are Suspended

Sometimes, bad weather and other types of emergencies will result in class suspensions. This means that schools, whether they are public schools or one of the best international schools in the Philippines, could possibly encounter a sudden class postponement.

During these times, students can experience at least one day less of schoolwork during the week, which means that important school events like tests and other class activities are being interrupted. Parents are then left without any productive activities for their children to do to keep up with their academics.

If you are a parent and you don’t want to get caught off guard by a sudden class suspension, then be prepared by considering the following items:



Read up

Class suspensions provide your children more time to catch up on the things that interest them the most. If they are an avid reader, then for sure they will not hesitate on reading up on the books they have been missing out on. If this is not the case, then you could use this time to develop their interest in reading. You could even ask them to pick out the book they would like to delve into.

Books come in different kinds and genres, which is good to pique their interest in one way or another. Some of them could even help them learn new things and discuss unknown subjects, while others could expand your children’s imagination and perspective.


Watch intellectually stimulating movies or shows together

Other than books, another great source of knowledge comes from movies and television series, most especially documentaries. Watching documentaries could help your children know more about certain topics or even learn about new places, animals and people. Not only would these make great conversation pieces with the family, its also a wonderful way to bond with one another.


Do some schoolwork

An extra day of no classes could enable your children to spend more time with their schoolwork. For instance, they could take this time to finish practice exercises on their textbooks or do a bit more research on some of their topics in class. Encourage them to view days off to exert extra effort on schoolwork.


Practice, practice

There would be times that major presentations and school events would fall under dates wherein class suspensions happen, which in turn, would have to be rescheduled to later dates. Your children could use this to their advantage by doing some more practices. For example, if they have a music recital during that day, they can use the extra day to practice with their musical instruments. If they have an important presentation or a school play, then they can practice their roles or routines, and maybe do some rehearsals for good measure. Extra preparation time wouldn’t hurt, after all, and can greatly help them in the long run.


Do some chores

A day at home means more time to do some important chores that are part of your household’s regular routine. One of the first things that your children can do during the day of suspension is to make their beds and clean up their rooms. They can also help around by doing simple housework like cleaning and sorting out some of their valuables. It may seem that completing all these chores sound easy, but it could greatly aid your children become more productive. Plus, it could provide them a sense of responsibility, discipline, and independence.


Key Takeaway

Class suspensions may cause school to delay, but that does not mean your children cannot be productive during the day. There are many important things that they can do during these times that contribute to their overall productivity.

By doing these activities listed above, you are ensuring that they would be spending the day doing or learning something truly meaningful.


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