Teach Your Child to Be Assertive with These Tips

Friday, September 22, 2017
Teach Your Child to Be Assertive with These Tips

In this world, having a strong sense of character is very important. Various international schools in Manila foster values into their students to help them become disciplined, independent, and responsible. These things are meant to aid them on their lifelong journey.

Assertiveness is one trait today’s generation can benefit from. Defined as having confidence and developing a strong character, parents can definitely have a role instilling this to their kids. To help you out, here are some tips that can guide your children become more assertive.



Show them what assertiveness is

One of the most effective ways to teach your children assertiveness is to set an example. As their parent, you can show them how being assertive looks like. You can do this by being firm about the rules you’ve set up in your household. For instance, if your kids’ bedtime is at 9 in the evening, then you mustn’t be persuaded by them to move it an hour later.

If you continuously do this in front of your children, then chances are high for them to try and mimic what you’ve been showing them.


Tell them their boundaries

When it comes to teaching assertiveness, it is important to tell your children that there is a big difference between being assertive and aggressive. A good practice that you can do at home is to not allow and discourage aggressive behavior, as it would bring a negative attitude that would be detrimental to their development.

Aside from that, you can also teach them about boundaries as well. Educate them that there are boundaries that they should respect. These would include personal, emotional, home, school, and work boundaries.

Teaching them these things would help them learn how to respect the various boundaries in everyday life, and at the same time, other people as well. Let them know that they are present to keep things disciplined and in order. By the time they learn this, they would be able to understand and appreciate why such things matter.


Let your children express themselves

Another way to help your children become more assertive is by allowing them to express themselves. Most kids tend to be shy at an early age and are hesitant to speak up and tell how they feel about certain things. To encourage them to freely communicate, you can simply ask them what they feel during certain situations. This way, they would become more comfortable with expressing their feelings to you and other people.

While it is good to let your children express themselves, it is still important to tell them to keep their emotions in check and remember their boundaries. As parents, you have the ability to assure that you provide your children a safe space to express their true feelings. This would help foster stronger relations with them as the years would go by.


Let them make their own decisions

Since speaking up is one of the most important elements of being assertive, you can encourage your children to make their own decisions when it comes to important matters. For example, you can have them decide where to eat dinner, what sport they would like to try out, or what musical instrument they want to play. Just make sure that before they make their decision, discuss with them the pros and cons and the possible outcomes of their actions.

Encouraging them to make these decisions would help increase their confidence level – ultimately making them comfortable with themselves. This will definitely help them in the long run, especially when it comes to making bigger decisions in the near future.


Practice and role-play

Another interesting way to enforce assertive behavior at home is by doing some practice and role-play. You can create imaginary scenarios wherein they would be able to know how to act upon it. For example, you can recreate a school setting and create some possible incidents in the classroom or with their friends. It is important to try and keep it as real as possible for them to know how important it is. By doing so, you will be helping them prepare for various situations in case they happen in their lives later on.


Key Takeaway

Assertiveness is a trait that may take some challenges before your children would be able to truly exhibit it. With time and effort, it will go a long way as they would become confident individuals who are able to step up in situations and make their own decisions confidently.


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