Teaching Your Children to Manage Stress

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

There is no doubt about the fact that, much like their parents, kids are also prone to strenuous situations. The pressures of school, friends, and all their other commitments are bound to challenge them. And so the importance of them learning to manage their duties – and their stress – is indeed crucial.

However, not all children are capable of dealing with stress properly, which is why it is advised that parents intervene when they can to help alleviate some of the burden.

Here are a few ways in which parents like us can do so:

Help your child start a dialogue about their stressors

Once your child begins to show the symptoms for stress, don’t panic – the solution is quite simple. Just offer an ear to listen. Not only will that open up an avenue for them to release their frustrations on, but it could also possibly lead the relationship you have with your child to become stronger. This is true especially when it comes to matters of trust.

Allow time for recreational activities

If talking about it doesn’t work, try getting your child to take part in other activities instead. For example, according to the Anxiety and Depression Association in America, the best coping technique when it comes to managing stress is to engage in exercise. That is because exercise is considered to be central in maintaining mental and physical fitness; it gets rid of fatigue, improves alertness, and even boosts overall cognitive function.

For those who aren’t fond of moving around though, an alternatively great activity to get into is art. A study from Chloe Bell and Steven Robbins proved that those who exposed themselves to art and participated in creating works – despite proficiency – felt greater reductions in feelings of negativity.

Simply be there for them

While it may not seem like much, your presence can do a lot to motivate your child to persist through their issues. Just being there reinforces the idea that they are not alone in their struggles. Take note that you can take it a step further, too – don’t be afraid to take steps to help out in whatever it is affecting your child directly.

Teach your child time management

One of the main causes for stress often stems from one’s inability to manage one’s time properly, and the same can be said for children especially. That said, try to teach your child about the importance of time management early on so it is easier to turn into a habit.

Also, remember that the key to successful time management is self-discipline; as long as your child follows the schedule he has set up then there should be no problems. However, they should take care not to overschedule their days, too.

Remind your child to take care of himself

They may not realize it at first because they are young and strong, but their physical health plays a large role in influencing their mental state. That said, children should take care not to overtax themselves. They can do so by:

  • Sleeping well – 8 hours a night without sleeping beyond midnight. Waking up early is better than waking up late.
  • Eating properly – Eat balanced meals that allot rations for all facets of the food pyramid.
  • Exercising – Even short bursts of physical exercise can do a lot to help one feel better as it “wakes up” the body.


Dealing with stress is a natural part of everyday life, no matter one’s age. However, it is quite certain that kids may be more susceptible to it, as the stressful situations they may face could hinder them from solving their problems quickly and efficiently. So long as parents are always there to offer their support and guidance , then there should be nothing to fear.


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