The Secret of Parenting: Knowing the 4 Different Styles

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

While the best international schools in the Philippines always do their best to ensure that their students receive a holistic education – which includes personal development – discipline is something that the parents must contribute to as well.

When it comes to discipline, different parents may go about it in varied ways. Some are comfortable with hard discipline – wherein rules and regulations must be followed to the letter – while others may be more lenient and would prefer to be more of a friend to their children. There are also those who are able to strike a balance between the two aforementioned styles, and there are also those who do not follow them at all.

But however way it is done, all types of parenting can fall under the 4 major recognized parenting styles:



  • Shows minimal affection
  • Specific rules must be followed at all costs
  • Works on the principle of rewards and punishments

Strict parenting” is another term for the authoritarian style. This is due to the fact that parents who employ this style tend to minimize loving affection between them and their children; they prefer that their kids simply follow what they say because they know best and, at their core, the child’s best interests are at heart. Due to the lack of freedom on the child’s part, some may view this type of parenting as “harsh”. That is not the case, though – as long as it is used properly, it will be able to instill the idea of discipline and respect within children at an early age with no negative repercussions.


  • Free, easy, and loving communication
  • Rules and regulation are implied
  • Ensures his or her child knows why such actions and consequences are done

Considered as the most advantageous out of all the other types, this parenting style is characterized by boundaries. Parents openly show their love and affection towards their children but are also quick to set borders whenever they are needed. In short, they are able to keep a healthy relationship with their little ones while also making sure that they know who the boss is; their relationship is characterized by a mutual display of respect.




  • Avoids confrontations
  • No stable restrictions or rules
  • Prefers to be a “friend” rather than a “parent”


Parents who practice the permissive parenting style are compassionate, flexible, and responsive yet they lack in the authority, demand, and discipline areas. Although it might seem like a preferable parenting style, this should not be used often due to its tendency to teach young ones that their actions have no consequences. Also, children can become too dependent or attached to their parents once this is followed so it is best to still assert authority and impose proper rules in the household.


  • Knows minimal or no relationship at all
  • Away from home most of the time and makes up excuses
  • Does not care that much about their children’s emotional development


This is the most dangerous type of parenting style a parent can employ. These parents are characterized by a general lack of care for the well-being of their children and that they show no importance towards their children’s lives. There are no rules, communication, nor discipline given by the parent and the child might even have to depend on other relatives or friends for support. This is an extremely harmful parenting style and should be avoided at all costs.

Parenting is a joyful journey that most adults will experience at some point in their lives, and knowing all about it and the styles in which it can be done can definitely assist in shaping our parenting style. Still, at the end of the day, the best way to go really is to see what is their children specifically need for them to be responsible, kind, and happy individuals.


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