Here’s What Your Children can do to Stop Bullies

Saturday, February 10, 2018
Here's What Your Children can do to Stop Bullies

Bullying has always been a loathsome phenomenon that plagues educational institutions, be it an international school in Manila or some of the progressive schools in the metro.

Albeit most of these places staunchly advocate anti-bullying programs, there are still some instances wherein the whole scenario could not be avoided. There might even be cases when bullying might happen before a teacher can step in and alleviate the situation.

As a parent, it’s essential that you teach your children never to bully others. More than that, you also need to look at the other side of the spectrum—that is, what if they end up the victims of their cruel classmates’ antics? Additionally, what if they become spectators to someone being bullied?

In order to equip them with the proper knowledge, it’s vital that they be taught how to properly deal with this kind of situation.

Here’s what your children can do to stop bullies:


Memorize a simple, powerful statement.

Most of the anti-bullying programs in international schools in Manila state how pivotal it is for students to stand up against bullies, which is an excellent advice. Furthermore, the necessity of standing up for others should also be stressed.

To help your children out, have them memorize short and simple statements that are devised to alleviate an instance of bullying without intensifying a conflict. A couple examples of these are:

  • Hey, cut it out. That’s not cool.
  • That’s already over the line.


Change the subject.

Some students won’t dare utter a word in the event of bullying. However, your children could make a difference by simply changing the subject in order to prevent an episode of bullying from escalating.


Disperse the crowd.

Another technique that might work is by scattering the crowd. By simply uttering the phrase, “Hey, we need to get to class soon, guys”—will surely prevent the bullies from advancing their ill actions towards their classmates.


Be humorous.

Humor can also be a way of preventing a bullying situation from worsening. That is, your children can distract the bully by telling a joke or by doing something funny.


Stand close to the person being bullied.

When verbal techniques just won’t work, your children can simply hover near a person being bullied. Doing so can immensely alter the mood and put a halt to bullying.

Additionally, it will also let the person being bullied know that he has someone on his side.


Express sympathy.

Another way your children can help out is by showcasing kindness and sympathy to the victim.They could reach out to him after the bullying episode; tell them that they’re sincerely sorry about what transpired.

Essentially, this display of friendship and compassion can make a massive difference.


Get help.

Lastly, teach your children the importance of telling an adult—such as you or their teachers—about the bullying incident. These people should be able to know what necessary actions to do next.


Key Takeaway

Most progressive schools in Manila have comprehensive anti-bullying campaigns and strategies. However, these do not guarantee that bullying can fully be eradicated.The possibility remains that they will eventually encounter bullying, in whatever form it manifests itself, or in whatever position they find themselves in—that is, victim or bystander.

And so, as a parent, it’s essential that you arm them with the necessary knowledge that will allow them to deftly handle these situations.


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