Memory Strategies for Kids While Studying

Tuesday, October 24, 2017
Memory Strategies for Kids While Studying

Having your children study at an international school in the Philippines essentially means that they are receiving some of the best education available in the country. This enables them to maximize their true potential. This also provides them the opportunity to study different subjects and topics, which for some, could be a bit difficult to learn in the beginning.

Fortunately, there are several studying techniques, such as memory strategies, that they could apply to make learning more efficient. Here are some effective memory strategies that you can teach your children.


Recite what you are reading

A simple and effective way to help your kids remember the topics that they are learning about is for them to speak out what they are reading. This would help them become more familiar with the lessons they are reviewing, as it would help them recall it much quicker.


Draw diagrams

Some subjects have a good amount of lessons and terms that tend to be confusing, which is why the best way to familiarize them is to create a diagram. Especially for visual learners, doing so would give your children a concise, yet informative guide on the various terms, formulas, and other pieces of information that they would need to learn. Essentially, this would help make things easier to remember, as it would lessen the clutter that different lessons could leave in their minds.


Practice makes perfect

In subjects like mathematics, there are a variety of equations that your children would need to become familiar with in order to master them. Other than memorizing these equations, your children must also be able to apply them when needed. A great way to achieve this is through none other than practice.


Let your children teach (what they are studying)

An effective method of helping your children remember their lessons is to ask them to teach them to you. Discussing the subject matter on their own will help them gauge their mastery of the topic, while also being aware of clarifications they may need about the subject.


Space out your study sessions

Sometimes, your children’s brain can only take in so much information at a certain amount of time, which is why it would help to space out the time between study sessions. For example, instead of reviewing for three hours straight, you can divide the time into three sessions that are an hour each, wherein you could add breaks in between. By doing this, experiencing mental fatigue is less possible, which means their academic performance unlikely to be compromised.



While studying can help your children achieve high marks on their quizzes and tests, they would not be able to do it if they do not have enough amount of energy to perform. This makes sleep a very important element when it comes to absorbing a plethora of information.

The recommended amount of time to sleep for your children is around 8-10 hours, which allows their body to recover a good amount of energy, essentially helping the brain function better.


Remove distractions

Studying requires a great amount of focus, which means that any form of distraction must be very minimal. This means that there should be no games, gadgets, or any other material present, which is not related to the subjects being reviewed. This would be easier for your children to stay focused as well as ensure that they are committed to studying their lessons.


Establish a comfortable study environment

One factor that would affect your children’s overall focus, other than outside distractions, is the environment they will be studying in. Make sure that they are in a calm, clean, and comfortable study area; this would improve their focus.

Messy and noisy areas tend to distract your children, which will not bode well for their study session. An organized and peaceful space will do wonders for them.


Key Takeaway

Studying is perhaps the most important task your children have to do as students. By practicing these memory strategies, you are guaranteed that they would be able to learn better.


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