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As of March 16, 2020, all applications may only be done online until further notice. Click Apply Online Now below.

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As of March 16, 2020, all applications may only be done online until further notice. Click Apply Online Now below.

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How Citizenship Builds Character with Kids

blog post

Students, whether they go to an international school in the Philippines or not, are currently at the very core of their education. During this time, they can learn how to embody integrity, respect, honesty, fairness, and responsibility—all of which are great attributes of citizenship.

However, it also goes beyond those traits. To become good citizens of this planet, one must stay informed about community affairs, obey and uphold laws, respect authority, and become a good neighbor. This kind of character building cannot be done without both efforts from teachers and parents.

There are many things you could teach your children at home. Let’s explore them one by one.


The Pillars of Character

According to some, true character is measured by what one does when nobody is looking. By teaching your kids about citizenship, you are educating them on how to be respectful, fair, and trustworthy individuals. Children, who learn these early on, are more likely to react positively to their community and are more likely to willingly participate in the affairs of their nation and of the world.

Lessons in citizenship play a significant role in producing motivated and active learners. It helps develop the soft skills that are vital in their maturity such as communication, heartfelt initiative, meaningful social interaction, and teamwork.


A Sense of Community and Cooperation

Teach your kids the virtues of volunteerism and participative inclusiveness by showing it to them first hand. For instance, if you have a big project at home, encourage them to help out but allow them to do the volunteering themselves. If possible, bring them to town meetings where they’ll be made aware of the issues your community is facing. By doing so, you could ignite the camaraderie and cooperative spirit that lies in them.

Students who practice good citizenship have an innate caring attitude that exhibits a firm belief against name-calling and bullying. They also won’t feel right if a classmate gets left behind so they would try to include everyone in the activities.


Instilling the Importance of Value and Respect

Besides getting well-acquainted with laws, rules, democracy, human rights, diversity, economy, and sustainable development, citizenship also ingrains different fundamental values in children. A profound respect for justice and a passion for participating in discussions and conflict negotiations prompts openness, tolerance, willingness to listen, and the courage to stand up for others and defend a point of view.

You can instill these traits in your kids early on by engaging them in fruitful discussions, where they’ll be encouraged to listen and share their opinions.


Developing Initiative and Action

Children with a good grasp of citizenship have an active and interactive mindset that emphasizes learning by doing. Focusing on real-life issues that are faced by young people in society encourages them to think critically for themselves and exercise collaborative efforts of cooperative learning.

Citizenship teaches perseverance, dedication, and the habit of exemplary preparation. The self-discipline that comes with control, accountability, and thinking before acting are all character traits that are necessary for understanding the role of citizenship in society.


Key Takeaway

Instilling citizenship in your children, whether they are enrolled in an international school in the Philippines or elsewhere, is an important part of their education. The lessons they would learn from it will allow them to mature into great citizens of this world one day.