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Habits to Strengthen Your Relationship With Your Child

blog post

Whether your child studies at an international school in Manila or otherwise, a loving parent-child relationship should have an equal mix of challenging and sweet moments. A healthy connection encourages children to cooperate with their parents.

Sadly, there may be times when you may feel that both of you only get into disagreements. While you can never really stop correcting him, you can learn to balance difficult experiences with positive ones. Happy memories can be created with these parent-child relationship strengthening habits:


Bond through relaxing activities

Most parents never feel like they have enough time for their kids. This concept of constant busyness most likely comes from the fact that you have a hard time setting aside duties during rest days.

Even when you are with your children, your phone may keep your focus away from them. After all, it reminds you of work responsibilities, email notifications, and even your daily to-do lists. By the afternoon, you may already be tired.

In order to spend more quality time with your child, learn to not rush and start savoring the moments. This can be easier said than done. If truly making the most out of the present is difficult for you, you can try doing phone-free relaxing activities with your child.

With no technology diverting your attention, trying peaceful activities such as cooking or going for short walks together can make you forget about outside stresses because you can go at your own pace.


Make time to play

Play gives the element of fun every healthy parent-child relationship needs. This is because the enjoyment it brings can further deepen your bond. Laughing and physical activities like running stimulate the production of the relationship-boosting hormone oxytocin. Leisurely pursuits can help you and your child share more light-hearted moments together.

Fun activities for you and your child include:

  • Board/card games
  • Hide and seek
  • Sports


Try to empathize

Adults can experience difficulties when attempting to empathize with the feelings of children. Sometimes, you may feel that your child cries or yells too much over the little issues like a lost toy or a stubbed toe.

Even if you feel as though you can’t fully understand your child’s emotions, you can try to use these different means to guide you.

  • Pay attention to his body language first. Usually, your brain can formulate compassionate sentiments after absorbing visual cues.
  • Listen more and respond less.
  • Try to practice saying “I am sorry this happened to you.”


Give Hugs

A hug can make your child feel safe. Try to find a space in your daily schedule to hug your kids for a few minutes. Hugs strengthen your bond because genuine displays of love and affection can make your child feel reassured that he is secure and protected.


Key Takeaway

Whether your child studies at an international school in Manila or elsewhere, developing practices that can bring you closer together will give you cherished memories to look back on. They not only help you appreciate your parenthood better, but they also ensure that your relationship is not just filled with conflicts.