How to Make Learning Fun for Your Kids

Thursday, June 9, 2016

All parents and educators have a common goal, and that is to ensure that the children they care for not only do well in school, but also develop a genuine love for learning. While some parents believe getting their child into the best international school in the Philippines is enough and that their responsibilities end there, the truth is that both the educators and the parents must make consistent strides in order to help their children experience the joys of learning both at school and at home.

Reedley melds the two environments together, incorporating both the home and the academic atmosphere into one. It is widely considered to be one of the best international schools in the Philippines due to its holistic approach when it comes to education; while academics maintains its prominent position in their list of priorities, they also value the students’ learning experience. They want to ensure that they grow in a nurturing and exciting learning environment. In addition, the students are able to enjoy a healthy balance of academics and extracurricular activities, which allows them to have fun and learn at the same time.

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Explore Together

Exposing the child to the world will undoubtedly pique their curiosity. Perhaps consider taking them out to cultural sites, parks, or museums to teach them more about certain subjects. For example, a trip to the national museum may be in order for those who want to learn more about history, or for those who are more interested in science, a quick visit to the local zoo or science center is bound to awaken their enthusiasm for the subject.

Sports and its elements can be used to teach both life skills and academics. Take football for example – on one hand, it teaches life skills like kindness, camaraderie, and synergy. On the other hand, it can also be a medium to teach physics or trigonometry.

Work Together

As shown by a study from the Institute of Education at London University, children are naturally inclined to make better progress when they are made to work in groups.

Try letting children regularly read together. Once one child gets to know about interesting things that the other kids do not know about, he will be inclined to share it and develop the reading habit.

Parents with young children can easily accomplish this by setting up play dates with their fellow parents’ children or by inviting their child’s friends over to play. The same can be done with teenagers. Getting them to join clubs and other similar extracurricular activities can help too!


Learn While Playing

Children love games. By making learning fun, children are more likely to be engaged to learn more. Try gamifying lessons, projects, and even quizzes and tests. Be creative in designing your assessments and identify what best works for your students.

In an effort to keep their students engaged, Reedley uses games and other hands-on activities to make its learning environment more exciting.

For example, classes are assigned to houses like in the Harry Potter novels – there are three in total; the “green giants”, the “white unicorns”, and the “maroon dragons”. During the duration of the entire school year they hold friendly competitions in sports or academics. The aim of this is to bring out the best in students while also promoting the essence of family among all grade levels.

Reedley does this by having a caring environment that inspires children to reach their full potential. With their nurturing teachers and life coaches, the school closely observes and regulates how children perform and interact in school, ensuring that they can learn in an environment where they can fully grow at their own pace.


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