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How to Nurture Your Child’s Leadership Skills at Home

blog post

In grade school, it is common for teachers of international schools in Manila to give students leadership-related tasks. These responsibilities are usually positions such as class president or heading a sports or academic team for a competition.

Your child may have recently said yes to any of these opportunities for the first time. He might have been scared yet excited. As a parent, these are the best times to nurture your child’s leadership skills at home, as well.


Practice good communication

The most effective leaders are usually one of the best, if not the best, communicators in their team. The ability to talk and listen well to your groupmates not only allows ideas to be exchanged in an organized manner but visibly shows the drive of the leader himself.

The best way to teach your child proper communication skills is simply through guided conversation. You can make your heart-to-heart exchanges with him more educational by asking a lot of open-ended questions. Statements like “Can you find a way to fix this…” or “What could we do to…” encourages collaborative problem-solving as well as a factual and straightforward sharing of solutions.

A lot of adults usually find it natural to correct the thoughts of their kids with criticisms and direct orders. But doing so may make your child more afraid of speaking up the next time. Instead, say comments like “This game/show/book looks interesting”. Doing so will encourage your kid to lead more conversations during class projects.


Highlight perseverance

Perseverance or grit may arguably be one of the most difficult leadership skills any child has to learn. The ability to push through with a responsibility, despite the obstacles or distractions, can clash with their youthful nature. Your child may be afraid to do tasks that seem difficult.

Fortunately, perseverance is a trait you can teach in many ways at home:

  • Let him pursue a talent on his own (ex. drawing, sports, music).
  • Give him chores that are challenging yet manageable.
  • Focus always on his efforts, not the results.

By instilling the virtue of grit, he will be able to gain the fortitude to encourage his present and future teammates to not give up during difficult times.


Encourage learning through books

Reading with your child about people who led revolutions and pioneered innovations can give him leadership inspiration. Additionally, sharing books on different topics can impart new knowledge that may aid in his decision making. Your child can apply literary concepts to real-life situations and people.

Gaining a love for constant learning may give him the confidence to volunteer for high positions and other extra-curricular activities.


Key Takeaway

This article covers practical ways on how parents can teach their kids to be more communicative, perseverant, and knowledgeable. With that being said, nurturing leadership skills at home not only helps your child excel at his international school in Manila but in life as well.