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As of March 16, 2020, all applications may only be done online until further notice. Click Apply Online Now below.

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As of March 16, 2020, all applications may only be done online until further notice. Click Apply Online Now below.

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Pieces of Advice You Should Not Give Your Children

blog post

Students from international schools in Manila are used to hearing nuggets of wisdom from their teachers. When they’re at home, they also get them from their parents. Although they were given with good intention, they could sometimes be harmful and destructive.

As parents, it is important to be cautious when giving advice to your children. This is because they will hang on to every word you say. In addition, this could shape their entire personality. Listed below are some examples of ill pieces of advice you should not give your children.


People who disagree with you are just jealous.

This piece of advice can lead to a feeling of self-entitlement and over self-assurance as your children grow up.

Having confidence is okay but being too indulgent in one’s self isn’t. Additionally, telling them that people are just jealous could be teaching them the improper way to deal with diverse opinions from different personalities.


Stress is normal. Get over it.

Stress is the primary reason for anxiety among children. Often, they experience pressure to excel in their academic life, social life, and home life.

Downplaying your kids’ feelings of stress by telling them to get over it is not great advice to give them. This is because it could leave them in a state of constant burnout. Instead, you could tell them that it’s completely fine for them to take some rest before starting again.


Avoid making mistakes.

Instead of resorting to this statement every time your children slip up, try teaching them that they can learn from their mistakes.

Educating them about accountability could lead to growth. It could also help them manage their anxiety when they are faced with failures or challenges.


Always stay strong, do not be sensitive.

Some parents find that it’s a good idea to forcefully toughen their children. But oftentimes, this can influence them to box themselves up and shut off from everyone. This can lead them to isolate themselves and to evade situations where they can open up about their emotions and confide in the people they should be able to trust.

Advise your kids that it is okay to be sensitive, especially if a particular situation hurts them in a significant manner.


You shouldn’t pay attention to extra-curricular activities.

Good grades are great! But students should be encouraged to join extra-curricular activities as well.

As their parent, it is normal for you to worry that they may prioritize them over their academics. Keep in mind, however, that you could always support them to do both and even assist them to find the right balance.

Co-curricular activities allow kids to cultivate their skills in various areas. Plus, they teach them things like collaboration, creativity, grit, and resourcefulness among others.


Do as I say, not as I do.

You are your children’s primary role model. They may end up being confused if what you are teaching them to do is not similar to how you are acting.


Key Takeaway

An international school in Manila can help your children develop their skills and academic capabilities, but you still have a helping hand in positively influencing them. Be mindful of these bad pieces of advice so you will know how to inspire them while making sure they grow up to be kind and well-rounded individuals.