Significant Traits of Children with Good Mental Health

Monday, December 3, 2018
Significant Traits of Children with Good Mental Health

As parents, it is essential to provide for the basic needs of your children. You ensure that they have 3 meals a day, clothes on their back, a loving home, and will receive a high-quality education from an institution such as an international school in Manila. However, it is important to remember that they also have mental and emotional needs. Providing them all of these things will guarantee them a safe and healthy environment to grow up in.

Admittedly, it is a bit challenging to determine whether they possess good mental health. But there are a few signs that you can look for that will tell you about it. Here are some of them:


Consistently Focused

A passionate drive that comes with having sufficient goals is displayed by people with good mental health. As a parent, you can try to observe if your child is capable of crafting concrete goals and staying focused on achieving them.

Having these abilities would enable him to have a solid foundation to maintain productivity and creativity. People, who are mentally healthy, are focused yet flexible. This means that they can set their sights on an objective, but could adjust depending on the circumstance they are facing.


Keen Enthusiasm

Displaying cheerfulness is easy but showcasing enthusiasm is a different feat altogether.

You can usually spot this when your child learns new things. Try to look at how his eyes sparkle or how he asks his inquiries to find out more about them.

An enthusiastic mindset is persistent even during times of distress and challenges. As your kid grows, he will face a set of situations that will test his patience and determination. If he is able to overcome them, then it could mean that he can maintain grace under pressure.


Restorative Mindset

A person with good mental health knows when to stand back up even when their emotional and mental well-being is challenged.

Observe this in your child after he experiences a difficult event. Of course, he might feel sad, which is only natural so look beyond that. Instead,  observe how he chooses to learn from the past and moves on to the future.


Collaborative Spirit

A collaborative spirit can be seen in children’s activeness in physical and social activities. Being open to others and giving their time could determine good emotional well-being.

When your kid is collaborative with his peers and teachers, it is a sign of good mental health. If he is a bit hesitant, encourage him to join activities, but allow him to do it at his own pace.



High self-esteem has always been a factor of a good mental health. Self-confidence can be exhibited by having a sense of purpose and competency—both of which provide opportunities to excel in whatever field your child will end up choosing.

Being self-confident also branches out to other aspects of life such as contentment. Children that have this trait won’t get easily swayed by peer pressure or be influenced by others of negative influence.


Key Takeaway

Having good mental health will allow children to become excellent individuals, not just in an international school in Manila, but in life as well.

You could be their supportive foundation in the process of finding themselves and securing a positive mental health state. Try to observe these significant traits in your kid and help him maintain them in his life daily.


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