10 Best International High Schools in the Philippines

Saturday, September 10, 2022
10 Best International High Schools in the Philippines

What are the best international high schools in the Philippines?

  1. Reedley International School
  2. Southville International School and Colleges
  3. International School Manila
  4. British School Manila
  5. Chinese International School
  6. German European School Manila
  7. Westfield International School
  8. Cebu International School
  9. Faith Academy
  10. Brent International School


International schools utilize globally recognized curriculums and provide world-class education and guidance to their students. Attending such a school can open doors to new and exciting opportunities around the world for the future for your child.

Furthermore, international high schools in the Philippines are accredited by the Department of Education, which stands as a testament to the quality and excellence of their programs. 

To get a glimpse of what these schools offer, here are the best international high schools in the Philippines:


Reedley International School

Reedley International School

Reedley, an international school in Pasig City, is known for its dedication to nurturing not only excellent students — but kind ones that are compassionate heart, in mind, and in spirit. 

Reedley is also one of the few international high schools in the Philippines that are accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC). 

This is thanks to their quality academic curriculum and holistic education plans. At Reedley, your child will learn through Reedley’s Synergized Learning Approach (RSLA), which combines the best practices from traditional and modern teaching methods. Their curriculum also helps students build good communication, interpersonal, study, and time management skills. 

All this provides the foundation and teaching they need to become adults who think critically, decide soundly, and apply knowledge in real-life situations. Through Reedley, they can become successful and excellent professionals in the future. 


Southville International School and Colleges

Southville International School and Colleges (SISC), located in Las Piñas, follows US and European curriculum standards and is known to produce graduates who excel in both local and foreign universities. 

Their K-12 program is structured to provide value-focused learning experiences, which help their students grow academically and with good character. Their high school division follows the National Curriculum of the UK for several of its core subjects and uses the National Curriculum of the US for its English courses. 


International School Manila

The International School of Manila (ISM), established by American and British expatriates, is an international high school that has been operating since 1920. As an independent school, they uphold a structure and tradition that echo those found in prestigious American Schools, as well as a variety of curriculums per level. 

For their high school division, they follow an Emergent Curriculum for their core subjects, including Math, English, Science, and Social Studies. This curriculum is diverse and dynamic, equipping its students with the tools they need to follow their aspirations in education and life. 

High school students in Grades 9 and 10 have the option to take on elective courses as well, such as Robotics, Visual Arts, Programming, and more.


British School Manila

British School Manila (BSM) provides outstanding global education, following the English National Curriculum. They also provide a family-friendly atmosphere, which nurtures a sense of community amongst the student body and staff. Here, students are comfortable developing their emotional, physical, creative, and intellectual skills. 

The main focus of BSM is to develop their students through holistic education, which is achieved by their broad and challenging curriculum. Their learnings take advantage of the local environment and culture and reflect the international nature of the student body. 

At BSM, there is strong encouragement towards its students, in the hope that they may become better learners. 


Chinese International School Manila

Chinese International School Manila, established in Taguig, is a private, non-partisan international school that provides a mix of Eastern and Western education. In this school, high schoolers follow the US Common Core State Standards for their English, Math, Science, and Social Studies lessons. This is accompanied by Mandarin Language classes, which focus on listening, speaking, singing, character sighting, and other essential language skills. 

Beyond that, CISM also offers lessons in Music, Art, Computer Studies, and Physical Education, which are all taught by pro instructors. CISM also has a mandatory summer camp, one of which is the Beijing Summer Camp. These programs are designed to expand their student’s knowledge of the Chinese language and culture through exposure and various activities. 


German European School Manila

German European School Manila (GESM) offers two different curriculums to their students. The first is geared at providing German-based education, while the second follows the Primary Years Programme and Cambridge International Syllabus for its curriculum. 

The school’s motto has always been about focusing on learning together and committing to a sustainable future. Their education embodies this and provides a learning community that molds global citizens, and follows the highest internationally accepted standards


Westfield International School

Another top international high school in the Philippines is Westfield International School (WIS). WIS, which is aided by the University of Cambridge. It is the first school in Angeles City to offer international education to its students. They have also been formally accepted as a Cambridge Assessment International Education school since 2014.

They provide a curriculum with enhanced, integrated lessons, and a wide array of classes. The school’s education is based on its belief that the level of care they provide young learners is just as important as the level of academics. Thus, this high school utilizes a holistic approach to learning, imparting the importance of values and morals education to their students. 


Cebu International School

Cebu International School (CIS) is the only school in the Visayas region that is officially recognized as an international education institution. CIS uses a 21st Century Learning approach, using educational technology and online platforms, such as Google Classrooms, for their lessons. 

Each year of high school education uses a challenging framework, which is formulated to encourage their students to make practical connections between their lessons and real-world situations. This style of learning challenges students to be competent learners, positive contributors, and well-equipped for the competitive and challenging world of professionals.


Faith Academy

Faith Academy is an international and private Christian School that offers a K-12 program, as well as a college preparatory core curriculum based on US Standards. They also provide a progressive, well-rounded lesson plan, carried out by missionaries who have a love for teaching and a strong desire to serve their faith through quality education. 

Their mission is to equip a strong sense of faith within its students, building lifelong learners through its dynamic and relevant education programs. Their vision is to expand their educational delivery to meet the needs of their various mission enterprises and eventually to other areas throughout Asia. 


Brent International School

Brent International School, with campuses in Laguna and Baguio, is another international high school in the Philippines. This institution follows an Understanding by Design (UBD Curriculum), which is objective-based and research-based.

Their education plans are founded on a belief that, through mutual respect, their community may be strengthened through a diverse pool of students. They teach their students to celebrate the differences in culture, faith, and abilities. Brent also takes extra care in providing an environment where students feel a sense of connection and belonging, in that they may call their school their second home. 


Key Takeaway

Being a product of any of the best international high schools in the Philippines will provide numerous advantages for your child. Their holistic and diverse curriculums will help them become global citizens, lifelong learners, and upright professionals. 

If you’re interested in learning more about how an international high school can help broaden your child’s horizons, contact Reedley today


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