Developing Stronger Connections with Gen Z

Tuesday, May 7, 2019
Developing Stronger Connections with Gen Z

Those who are born within the year 1995 – present are categorized under Gen Z. They are known to be heavily knowledgeable with technology due to being born in an age of rampant digitalization. Whether your teenager studies in an international school in the Philippines or otherwise, parents with Gen Z children may experience difficulties when it comes to connecting with their kids. There is a gap that must be closed in order to reach them. Let’s take a look at different ways to close that gap and develop stronger ties with Gen Z.


Encourage Outdoor Activities

Individuals who are under the age bracket of Gen Z are being stereotyped as loners; people who shy away from the world and typically stick to their personal interests. This isn’t entirely true. The notion of Gen Z being loners only stems from their constant access to technology and the time they spend on devices. Knowing that your teenager is technologically inclined, it would be good to encourage outdoor activities. You’ll be surprised with how much they may be willing to take on the great outdoors.

It would be a great idea to take your teenager on an outdoor trip; this gives them opportunities to appreciate the beauty that nature beholds and shows them that the digital world isn’t everything. When encouraging these activities, it would be best not to restrict them from using their phones but to meld their knowledge of the digital world with their exposure to nature. This might even encourage them to go on more trips with you every now and them.


Use Screen Time as an Advantage

Technology is native to Gen Z individuals. They were all born in an age where technology is well-developed and plays a vital role in society, many rely on its convenience. Growing up, their constant exposure to gadgets has made them experts in the virtual realm. The cyberspace is their playground.

Knowing that their comfort zone is the digital world, you can take advantage of this rather than try and shut them out from it. Educate them about the usefulness and dangers of the online world. You can also try enrolling them in online courses, learn how to create or craft something with them from YouTube videos, or play online games with them. In the long run, they may even grow to be more comfortable with you.


Try Short and Simple Family Activities

Many Gen Z individuals are not too fond of family gatherings or family time. But this doesn’t mean that they completely don’t want to spend time with family. And it also doesn’t mean that you can’t hold any family activities with your teenager altogether.

Instead of planning for long activities, you can try sticking to short ones. You can take a walk with them, do sports, or any activity where their attention is turned away from their devices for a while. In turn, you can even try getting involved with what they do by watching the shows they watch or playing the games they play.


Key Takeaway

It’s important to know what your teenager is into and to show them the benefits of the quality time with the family, as well as the great outdoors. Whether your teenager studies in an international school in the Philippines or elsewhere, it’s important to establish a strong and lasting bond with them. The challenges of the generation gap may pose difficulties in terms of trying to understand them, but there’s always a way to bridge that gap.


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