The Negative Effects of Over-Nurturing Your Child

Wednesday, November 14, 2018
The Negative Effects of Over-Nurturing Your Child

As a parent, it is natural for you to always want to care for your children. You strive to be with them as much as you can to see them grow into responsible, healthy, and happy adults when the time comes. To some, this could mean providing them with the best things in life like sending them to international schools in Manila to receive their education.

It is very admirable for parents to show their nurturing side. However, there is something called as ‘over-nurturing.’ This usually happens when a parent becomes too involved in the kids’ activities constantly. It is a type of parenting that could negatively affect their growth. To understand this further, let’s discuss some of its ill effects below.


Low Level of Independence

Completely and forcefully controlling all of your children’s activities can result in them having a low level of independence. This could mean that they will rely on you for the simplest tasks like eating, sleeping, and taking a bath.

You may believe that there will be no negative implications since they are still young. However, this could manifest into a behavior that will lead them to be dependent to not only you, but also to the other people in their lives.

As much as possible, it’s best to give your kids freedom when they’re doing their daily tasks. Allow them to do things their own way. In return, you will be providing them with the chance to build their own sense of identity.


Higher Risk of Anxiety

Helicopter parenting is what happens when the moms or dads constantly hover over their children’s activities, resulting in suffocating involvement. Ultimately, it hinders their mental and emotional growth.

The kids experiencing this type of parenting are more likely to develop anxiety since they are always being closely observed by their guardians. To prevent this, check yourself if you are constantly looking over their shoulders. Once you determine that you are, try to distance yourself away from time to time. Give them the opportunity to do tasks alone.


Self-Esteem Issues

Over-nurturing parents could have an impactful influence on their children’s self-esteem. This can lead them to feel as though they are never good enough. You may think that flooding them with overwhelming attention may help them feel validated but on the contrary, it provides negative effects.

Being over-nurturing can make them feel like they are incapable or vulnerable because they cannot handle doing tasks by themselves. An example of this includes parents who spoon-feed their kids even though they are quite capable of eating on their own.


Strong Emotional Restraint

When children are put in a constricting environment, they have a tendency to shut people off. This could often be seen in situations when they exhibit a passive attitude. For example, they can be overly shy when it comes to sharing their insights. It is also possible for them to prefer to be alone instead of mingling with others.

Be wary of this attitude because it can ultimately hurt your relationship with them. As much as possible, communicate with them in a less intrusive way. Let them come to you and allow them to speak their minds.


Key Takeaway

Whether or not your children go to an international school in Manila, over-nurturing could have negative effects on their growth. To prevent them from manifesting, give them the opportunities to do things on their own and provide them with the freedom to voice their concerns.

Identifying this type of behavior as well as working on improving it will lead to better opportunities for communication between you and your kids.


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